• New Diff Eyewear Mandalorian Collection

    New Diff Eyewear Mandalorian Collection
  • RockLove x Star Wars Medallions on Sale

    RockLove x Star Wars Medallions on Sale
  • Glitter For Carrie – Bespin Leia Hairstyle

    Glitter For Carrie – Bespin Leia Hairstyle
  • Mail Call – Couture Kingdom Falcon Jewelry

    Mail Call – Couture Kingdom Falcon Jewelry

Celebrating Six Years of The Kessel Runway

Today marks the sixth anniversary of my blog The Kessel Runway. This year has been awful for a lot of us, but for me, it was almost the killing blow after more than five years of stress and struggles. A few short months after I launched The Kessel Runway, my… View Post

Rest In Peace David Prowse

The Star Wars galaxy has lost another great star, David Prowse – the actor who portrayed Darth Vader on set for all three films of the Original Trilogy. My family has such a strong connection to Star Wars, it often feels like loosing a family member when a Star Wars… View Post

ColourPop The Child Eyeshadow Palette Out Now

Create the cutest looks in the galaxy with this fabulous The Child eyeshadow palette now available from ColourPop! First announced during Mando Monday #1, the eyeshadow palette features nine shades inspired by The Child, and includes a mirror and super cute artwork! The palette include ColourPop’s popular super shock, metallic,… View Post

Ashley Eckstein at Armageddon Expo 2020

This past weekend the Armageddon Expo convention was held in my hometown of Auckland – it is our largest geek convention here in New Zealand, held annually. An estimated 60,000 people attended over the four-day weekend, and my family and I all had so much fun! We spent much of this year… View Post

Glitter For Carrie – Rebel Inspired Makeup

Today’s Nar Shaddaa Style article is inspired by Princess Leia and Carrie Fisher, to celebrate Carrie’s birthday today in NZ. For previous years I have featured Leia-inspired hairstyles but for 2020 I wanted to create a Leia-inspired makeup look. For May 4th 2017 (the first ‘May the Fourth’ after Carrie had passed… View Post

Lucasfilm Store Queen Amidala Makeup Bag

Taking a moment to reflect on the wonderful moments in life 💜 ⠀⠀Beautiful flowers from my daughter, and a very special addition to my collection – the Lucasfilm Store exclusive Queen Amidala makeup bag. A friend picked it up for me last year, and I keep it on display where… View Post

Memories from Star Wars Celebration III

Today I’ve been reflecting on my very first Star Wars Celebration convention – Celebration III in 2005. I had just turned 22 days before, and it was only my second time travelling internationally (and the first time without my parents). It felt so daunting at the time, traveling all the… View Post

Presenting at Star Wars Celebration Conventions

At the start of the year, I was well underway planning my third Star Wars fashion panel for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2020. But like everyone else in the world, my plans for this year have changed quite a lot. My husband is a doctor, my daughter is an essential… View Post

Shop My Favorites

Introducing the new Shop My Favorites page! Spending my days writing about new Star Wars fashion, I am always trying to decide which pieces stand out and make it on to my shopping wish list. It can be overwhelming at times! I live in New Zealand, which means much of… View Post