Remembering Carrie Fisher – Five Years On

Remembering Carrie Fisher – Five Years On

I can’t believe it’s been five years since Carrie Fisher left this galaxy. I still remember the exact moment I found out she had died on 27th December 2016. There were no words, and to this day I still cry when I think about the fact that she is no longer with us.

As I like to celebrate Carrie’s birthday each year with #GlitterForCarrie, I wanted to take a moment to remember her on the fifth anniversary of her passing. To honour her memory and the impact both Carrie and Leia have had on my life. Of course my wardrobe has many Princess Leia items, but I’m especially fond of Leia jewelry – jewelry always has a significance to it, and necklaces are worn close to the heart.

The first time I got a photo with Carrie, I remember so vividly her bright glittery eyeshadow. Now I’ve finally got my own eyeshadow palette that is all glitter.

Meeting Carrie Fisher at DragonCon 2011

I chose ColourPop cosmetics – I like their products, they currently have the Star Wars license for makeup, and they have a fun range of eyeshadow glitter singles to choose from. I picked out this fun and pretty 12-pan palette, and filled it with 12 sparkly glitters. I know it’s not Star Wars themed, but it makes me think of Carrie and the wonderful moments when I got to meet her, and that is special. Everyday I wear glitter eyeshadow, I think of her.

Thank you Carrie for being my Princess.