Q: Do you sell apparel/accessories?

A: I do not sell any items. This blog reports on new and upcoming Star Wars fashion from companies/retailers and links through to the websites where they can be purchased. Any inquiries about pricing/sizing/shipping should be directed to the company/retailer.

Q: Where can I find [item]?

A: I have tried to tag and describe all items featured on the website as well as I can to give helpful information on locating items – please note that information is correct at the time the article was initially published, and may change afterwards.

If there is something you are specifically looking for, and can’t find a current stockist, please feel free to ask via the contact form and I’ll see what I can find (please include as much information as you can, and the country you live in).

Q: Where can I find [item] in my [non-US] country?

A: As a Star Wars fan living outside the US, I understand the appeal of locating items locally – however, the case is that the majority of Star Wars apparel is produced by American companies. In each store report I mention whether the company/website can ship internationally, and I try to find other stockists where possible.

For websites that do not ship outside America, I personally use the mail forwarding company MYUS to purchase from US websites. Please check the currency exchange rates, and the custom/duty fee information for your country before ordering overseas, as the value or import category of certain items can incur additional cost.

Q: Do you get paid for your reviews?

A: The Kessel Runway has an influencer relationship with selected brands/retailers (as detailed on the affiliates page), that may include affiliate links, provided review items, or sponsored posts.

All content related to the receipt of compensation will be clearly identified.

All of the items reviewed are purchased, unless specifically noted in the review. The Kessel Runway stands by the position that all of our reviews are an honest analysis and opinion, independent of whether the merchandise was purchased or supplied by a manufacturer/retailer, or the existence of any affiliate program relationship.

Q: Can you write a review on [item]?

A: Most of the items I review are purchased by myself for my own wardrobe, so there are certain styles/sizes I’m not able to review (including if it’s sold by a company/retailer that does not ship internationally). I’m always happy to take suggestions of popular items to review.

If you are a manufacturer or retailer of products relevant to our coverage, please contact The Kessel Runway through our contact form.

Q: Do you report on/review men’s or children’s apparel/accessories?

A: When I launched this blog, I decided to focus solely on women’s Star Wars apparel, as it was harder to find than children’s or men’s, and it is what I buy for myself. As this blog has grown over the years, so has the availability of women’s Star Wars fashion, and geek fashion in general.

At this time, I still focus on women’s Star Wars fashion, but also feature notable releases of men’s/children’s Star Wars fashion from time to time.

Q: I clicked on an outgoing link, but [item] is out of stock/has a different price?

A: Prices and stock are correct as published at the time of the article’s original writing. Stock levels of popular items can change rapidly, but retailers can re-stock from time to time. Please note that external retailer websites may display an ‘item not found’ or an error page if an item has sold out – especially if the item was released some time ago.

Check through our related articles (use the tags at the bottom of each article) to see if other retailers might carry the item you are looking for. As a last resort, set up an automated eBay search to see if the item you are after shows up on the secondary market.

Q: Do you have an email newsletter/mailing list I can subscribe to?

A: Yes, we certainly do. Each week our newsletter will feature highlights from the past week of Star Wars fashion news, direct to your inbox. You can sign up here.