The Kessel Runway – Vlogmas 2021

The Kessel Runway – Vlogmas 2021

Happy Holidays!

As I have been enjoying filming unboxings and mail call videos recently, I thought I’d try something new this holiday season – vlogmas! I know vlogmas is traditionally vlogging every day from December 1st to 24th, as a lead-up to Christmas – but my December has been a bit of a rough one. An emergency trip to hospital, a life-changing diagnosis and subsequent life changes, all in the middle of a lockdown. So, I thought for my first vlogmas, I would round it up all in one video, and just focus on some highlights, like finally being able to travel to visit family, and enjoying the wonderful Star Wars gifts my family got me for an early Christmas surprise.

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Wherever you are in the galaxy, I wish you all happiness this holiday season. I hope you enjoyed my behind the scenes vlog, and I can’t wait to share more Star Wars fashion unboxing videos with you all soon.

Happy Holidays, and May The Force Be With You!