Hello there! Great To See You Again!

Hello there! Great to see you again. So, where was I? This blog started as a passion project, and for a while there, I lost my passion. Burnout, though I didn’t want to admit it. The past two years haven’t been fun for anyone, so I’m totally on board with… View Post

It’s Finally Done! Updated Studio Tour Vlog

Happy Star Wars Day! It’s May the 4th here in New Zealand, so of course our family is celebrating with everything Star Wars. In preparation for this fan favourite day – I finally finished reorganising my studio room! If you have watched my earlier vlog, it was pretty obvious the… View Post

What happens when I take a break from blogging…

Today I have a special behind the scenes vlog to share! I’ve been blogging about Star Wars fashion news for six years now, and collecting it for much longer, but I’ve been shy about sharing much behind the scenes – until now. As we all know, when you take a… View Post

Celebrating Six Years of The Kessel Runway

Today marks the sixth anniversary of my blog The Kessel Runway. This year has been awful for a lot of us, but for me, it was almost the killing blow after more than five years of stress and struggles. A few short months after I launched The Kessel Runway, my… View Post

Memories from Star Wars Celebration III

Today I’ve been reflecting on my very first Star Wars Celebration convention – Celebration III in 2005. I had just turned 22 days before, and it was only my second time travelling internationally (and the first time without my parents). It felt so daunting at the time, traveling all the… View Post

Staying Safe and Positive

There is never a good time for a global crisis like this, but it came during a time when I had taken a short step back from daily blogging. A break to spend time reflecting, to reassess my direction in blogging and my life in general. A time of self… View Post

Celebrating Five Years of The Kessel Runway

Today marks the fifth anniversary of my blog The Kessel Runway. As we often do at the start of a new year, anniversaries inspire a moment of reflection on the past, and looking forward to the future. A new resolution, renewed enthusiasm, and the bringer of change. As life would… View Post

Star Wars Shopping at Armageddon Expo

This past weekend the Armageddon Expo convention was held in my hometown of Auckland – it is our largest geek convention here in New Zealand, held annually. I attended as part of the media, and was delighted by the array of Star Wars guests, fashion, and collectibles available this year. Here’s what… View Post

The Rise Of Skywalker Trailer Reaction

The final trailer for The Rise Of Skywalker is here! I’m one of those people that’s sitting ready waiting for the trailer 30 minutes early, just in case. Not knowing exactly when it would drop online made me anxious – we don’t get ‘Monday Night Football here in NZ, so… View Post

The Rise Of Skywalker Clips from D23 Expo

*Spoilers* If you haven’t – or don’t want to – see the new Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker sizzle reel from D23 Expo, don’t continue reading! The sizzle reel celebrated The Rise Of Skywalker as the epic conclusion to a long saga of stories, with a montage of footage… View Post