Staying Safe and Positive

There is never a good time for a global crisis like this, but it came during a time when I had taken a short step back from daily blogging. A break to spend time reflecting, to reassess my direction in blogging and my life in general. A time of self care, as cliche as the phrase can seem. Life throws us hurdles, and I took the break to deal with a stressful health issue I had been ignoring for too long. And now life has thrown us all a big hurdle.

It is fairly common for bloggers, Youtubers, and online content creators to experience ‘burn out’ after a few years, especially if you publish content daily, and I was frustrated to admit I had become one of them too. My passion for Star Wars and my hobbies are still the same, but when you’re creating for an audience, the insecurities tend to creep in over time, as your work is constantly judged by social media metrics, rather than by the heart and soul of the creator behind the screen.

I was in the middle of working on a new article, about ‘finding my joy’, when my own small country was affected by the global pandemic of Covid-19. It felt rather awkward to start writing articles again, as if nothing was wrong, promoting the latest Star Wars fashion to buy – at a time when everyone has more important things to focus on like health and safety. Some families are going through very hard times, losing jobs and loved ones. My thoughts are with everyone who is working on the front lines, risking their own health to help others.

My husband and I were talking about this issue – how can we enjoy our usual hobbies of playing Star Wars video games and shopping for collectibles in a time like this when such activities feel so frivolous? There are a growing number of articles about mental health and anxiety in this time of crisis, and for our family, our Star Wars hobbies are what bring us joy. We might not be going to the mall to check out the new action figures or the latest novel, but we can still enjoy Star Wars at home. Re-reading favourite Star Wars novels, dusting and rearranging collectible shelves, and connecting with fellow fans online.

Hope is so central to the Star Wars story, and our family is using our love and enjoyment of Star Wars to keep our spirits up in this difficult time. Here on The Kessel Runway I’ll be sharing some of my favourite Star Wars fashion items from my wardrobe, and why they mean so much to me. Feel free to join in and share your favourites in our Facebook group.

Stay Safe, and May The Force Be With You.