TKR Interview with ThinkGeek’s Apparel Buyer

Exclusive Interview with ThinkGeek fashion buyer Jennifer Yi

Today’s behind-the-scenes interview article features a conversation with the women’s apparel buyer for ThinkGeek, Jennifer Yi. ThinkGeek is the first place I check for fantastic women’s Star Wars fashion – their range includes items from Mighty Fine, Body Vibe, Nixon, Bioworld and more. ThinkGeek often has exclusive Star Wars fashion items not available anywhere else, and they can ship internationally!

I recently had the incredible opportunity to ask Jennifer a few questions about working for ThinkGeek, her favourite Star Wars fashion item, and the process of collaborating with brands on exclusives. Read on for the full interview –

How long have you been a Star Wars fan?

Forever. Boba Fett was the “Ken” to my Barbies.

What was it about the Star Wars franchise that initially caught your attention?

It’s a classic coming-of-age story, but set in an incredibly rich world with lots of lore. As an imaginative kid, it was fun to picture myself in that world.

Do you have a favourite Star Wars character?

It’s so hard to pick just one! Boba Fett and R2-D2. Purely based on looks and sassiness.

How did you come to work for ThinkGeek? How did you get started in fashion buying?

I started in the fashion industry in manufacturing, but I’ve always been a geek and gamer. ThinkGeek is my dream company, and I happened across a great opportunity here in product development and buying at just the right time.

How do you decide which Star Wars items from a particular fashion manufacturer to stock at ThinkGeek?

I weigh customer feedback, uniqueness, quality, and pricing to ensure the best Star Wars items are represented on ThinkGeek. Also, anything that makes me squee.

Exclusive Interview with ThinkGeek fashion buyer Jennifer Yi

How do you decide with brands to work with for collaboration collections?

I look for creative best-in-class brands that share the same passion for Star Wars that we do at ThinkGeek.

ThinkGeek has offered many exclusive designs from brands including Mighty Fine, Her Universe, Han Cholo, Musterbrand, and Irregular Choice – what is the process like for collaborating on and/or securing an exclusive item/range?

Over the years, ThinkGeek has cultivated a long-time relationship with these brands. Securing exclusives begins with an easy conversation. The more challenging (and fun) part is brainstorming concepts together and working through the planning process to get designs to fans quickly.

Do you have a favourite Star Wars fashion item that ThinkGeek has stocked?

It’s so hard to choose! My most recent favorite is the Star Wars Force Varsity Ladies’ Lace-Up Hoodie from our “Star Wars Training Mode” collection because it includes my favorite quote. The fabric is really soft and the lace-up details are adorable. The longer length is perfect for styling with leggings.

ThinkGeek has always been one of my favourite stores for stocking women’s Star Wars fashion – your recent ‘Star Wars Training Mode’ collection is a great example of gender equality in your range. Is that a strong mindset at ThinkGeek?

Definitely. We want to be as inclusive as possible when it comes to our product selection. Anyone can be a Star Wars fan.

Many thanks to Jennifer for her time in answering my questions. It is a honour to be able to highlight a leading retailer of Star Wars fashion, and get a glimpse behind the scenes. Stay tuned to The Kessel Runway for upcoming reviews of a selection of ThinkGeek exclusives! 

All garments featured in this article are past ThinkGeek exclusives.

Exclusive Interview with ThinkGeek fashion buyer Jennifer Yi