Rogue One trailer!

Rogue One trailer!

The Rogue One teaser trailer was finally released today! There are so many original trilogy elements – X-Wing fighter pilots, Star Destroyers, classic Stormtroopers – it all looks fantastic! Felicity Jones plays the lead character Jyn Erso, and according to Entertainment Weekly, that’s Genevieve O’Reilly reprising her role from Episode 3 (whose scenes sadly ended up being cut from the final film) as Mon Mothma!

With another female character taking the lead, I’m sure we will see a wonderful range of women’s Star Wars apparel and accessories released for this film. Although it has yet to be officially confirmed, the word is that Rogue One will also have a ‘Force Friday’ merchandise release day (apparently planned for September 30th 2016). I can’t wait to see what will be revealed by retailers this time – I’m hoping for lots of Rebel/Rebel Alliance themed items!

Rogue One - teaser trailer screenshot Rogue One - teaser trailer screenshot Rogue One - teaser trailer screenshot

I love watching this trailer! 🙂

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