What happens when I take a break from blogging…

What happens when I take a break from blogging…

Today I have a special behind the scenes vlog to share! I’ve been blogging about Star Wars fashion news for six years now, and collecting it for much longer, but I’ve been shy about sharing much behind the scenes – until now. As we all know, when you take a break from housework, it doesn’t go away, it just gets worse. It turns out the same is true with blogging my wardrobe!

As I shared in a recent blog post, I sadly had to take a hiatus from blogging for most of 2020. So for a better and brighter 2021 I really want to share more of myself here on my blog, which includes my own collection. Here is a behind the scenes vlog of my little home photography studio and Star Wars wardrobe –

I am very blessed to share my love of Star Wars and photography with my husband. For many years we have been sharing photos of our favourite Star Wars collectibles and memories on our Flickr account, and more recently, on our personal website VillaVarykino.com. When I started to really focus on collecting Star Wars fashion, it was inevitable that we would photograph the items alongside our Star Wars collectibles to share online – which is how this blog started.

Our little photography set-up originally started on the dining room table, before we moved it upstairs to a spare room a few years ago. The room has become our little home studio space, where we can take photos of our Star Wars collectibles and my Star Wars fashion.

Here’s a quick example of how we do close-up photography for this blog – a table with a couple of studio lights, to get pics like the one below. If you follow The Kessel Runway on Instagram, you’ll probably recognise the silver glitter sheet background. Stay tuned for full reviews of these RockLove x Star Wars jewelry pieces soon…

Star Wars is such a big part of our household, and we are blessed to have wonderful friends and family that gift us incredible Star Wars items for birthdays and Christmas that they know are on our wish list.

I know the room is cluttered and messy, but it’s a honest look at how our little studio has looked most of the year. We have pet cats, so this room is off limits to them, and it’s become the place to store our Star Wars items while we could find a permanent display spot around the house. So when 2020 disrupted everything, items got added to the room, and then never really got moved out. Do you have spots like that in your house? Or is it just me?

I know many Star Wars fashion fans will have collections much larger than mine, but as so much of my day is spent in this room, I can’t really share my passion here on the blog without sharing my wardrobe.

As an international fan, most of my Star Wars wardrobe has come from the US – which means a harsh exchange rate and costly international shipping makes every purchase much more expensive for me. While I really love living in New Zealand, it’s hard (and expensive) being a Star Wars fan living so far from where most Star Wars merchandise is sold, the United States. And don’t get me started on Galaxy’s Edge… someday I’ll get there *fingers crossed*.

I truly treasure each and every piece in my collection, and I can’t wait to get back to sharing my collection with you here on the blog. Anything in particular you would love to see here closer up? Let me know 🙂

One particular area I’m keen to work on is my Star Wars jewelry collection. I have been collecting up display ideas on Pinterest, as I love to both display and wear my jewelry every day. Honestly I wish I had the space to just dedicate a bedroom wall to fun jewelry displays with a big mirror in the middle to get ready every morning.

As this room is a spare bedroom, the built-in wardrobe was perfect to house my Star Wars apparel. Some of my very favourite Star Wars fashion pieces are stored here. Many of them are quite old now, but well loved. Keen eyed readers may spot an item or two here in this wardrobe that I haven’t featured here on the website….

Thanks so much for reading about my little Star Wars studio workspace. As a very shy person, it feels like a big step towards sharing more of myself here on the blog. I hope to have an updated video showing a much more organised room soon.

If you are interested in Star Wars collectibles, feel free to check out our personal blog at VillaVarykino.com. May the Force be with you!