Mail Call – RockLove Ahsoka and Rey Jewelry

Mail Call – RockLove Ahsoka and Rey Jewelry

Today’s mail call features three items from RockLove Jewelry. I have a particular love of Star Wars jewelry – I wear it all the time, and it doesn’t take up as much space to store like jackets or handbags! So when RockLove released these new pieces inspired by Rey and Ahsoka Tano, I was ready at launch to grab them. After the inevitable wait for international shipping to arrive, I wanted to film my first impressions in a fun unboxing video.

Please note I did record my unboxing video a little while ago, but after my recent health issues/hospital stay, I am working my way through editing and uploading. These pieces are just too fabulous not to share!

Please note can ship internationally, while only ships to a handful of international destinations.

Check out my full unboxing video –

First up, the Rey Kyber Crystal necklace. It came packaged in a windowed display box, so once I had glimpsed it, I had to open it first!

When I first saw the Kyber Crystal collection, I wasn’t sure if I liked it. I love lightsaber jewelry, so to be honest my initial reaction was that these were stumpy, a bit awkward. But at the same time, I was curious, and found myself considering the design for a while. The more I looked at the pendant as lightsaber inspired, the more I understood it better. The focus of these necklaces is the Kyber crystal, and when you look at the designs with the crystal as the focal point, it all becomes clearer.

If I was going to dive in and try one on, so to speak, it was going to be the Rey necklace. Sure, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the leather cord, but I just love Rey’s lightsaber, and the beautiful yellow crystal had been singing out to me for a while. When the Ahsoka Tano jewelry launched, I decided to grab it and save on combined international postage – and I’m very glad I did.

This pendant is so beautiful in person, I was really struck with how enthralled I was, straight away. I couldn’t stop staring at it, the light shining through the crystal, and the different metal tones working in such wonderful balance. Jewelry should be beautiful and catch the eye, and this pendant is all that and more. I think my video shows this necklace better than a still photo, to really appreciate how the light plays with the crystal.

I’m still not the biggest fan of the cord, but I get it, Rey has brown leather components to all her outfits so it works well with the theme. RockLove would have won me over completely if they included both a chain and leather cord, as options depending on the way you want to wear it – or at least had a standard jewelry clasp at the back, rather than the tied adjustable knots. The leather cord gives it a bit of a casual ‘everyday cosplay’ feel, whereas a chain might have elevated the design to a more of a lux ‘wear it with a nice dress out to dinner’ vibe. But hey, I’m a Star Wars loud and proud kinda fan, so I know I’ll wear this no matter what – and there are other designs in the range with a metal necklace chain if you really hate the leather cord (either for aesthetic or vegan reasons).

Next up, one of my personal favourite designs from the range of Ahsoka Tano jewelry – the Ahsoka Tano earrings. I love hoop earrings, statement earrings, dangle earrings – and this design is all three! While the first Clone Wars ring is the original iconic design, I think these earrings might be my new personal favourite from the range.

The striking blue and white design is an absolute showstopper, and on a practicality note, the enamel here is less likely to get knocked when worn as earrings compared to the rings. The clasps are tight and work well, and the hoops aren’t too heavy. They work on their own as subtle Star Wars jewelry or as the finishing touch to a full head to toe Ahsoka Tano themed outfit. I get the distinct feeling these earrings will become some of my most worn RockLove x Star Wars pieces.

These earrings are limited edition, but the full edition size isn’t stated. RockLove notes that the first 900 sets include an autograph card signed by Ahsoka voice actress Ashley Eckstein – so I assume that RockLove can make more if these prove to be a popular design. The initial release sold out at but at the time of writing they are still available at

Lastly, the Ahsoka Tano Rebels ring. I know I didn’t really need this ring, as I was fortunate enough to be able to get the original version, but I was really curious how similar/different this new version would be to the original (stay tuned for a comparison video soon). The RockLove Ahsoka Tano range feels like a set now, and you know this Star Wars fan just loves a nice completed set.

This sterling silver ring is accented with blue and white enamel, with a touch of burgundy for the headband. The pointed tips are larger in this new design, so the design really stands out when worn. The text ‘SURVIVOR’ is engraved inside the band, which feels like a nod to the ‘Ahsoka Tano Lives’ fan movement, as well as of course referencing that Ahsoka survived the Clone Wars and Order 66.

This ring didn’t surprise me in any way, not that I was expecting it to. Just a good classic design, tweaked for a 2.0 release for a wider audience that missed out on the original. I am a little surprised that after the first ring sold out so quickly, this second version is still available in all but one size – four months later. While the full edition size for this ring isn’t stated, RockLove notes the first 1,700 orders get an autographed card – whereas the first ring was strictly limited to only 1,000 pieces. As with the earrings, I suspect this is so that RockLove can make more in the future.

Overall, I’m impressed with all three of these pieces. I was a bit of a skeptic about the Kyber Crystal collection, but now having seen the Rey necklace in person, I’m convinced. And those Ahsoka Tano hoop earrings are just so unique, so different to any of my other Star Wars earrings. All up, three very pretty and fine additions to my collection.

Have you bought any of the new RockLove x Star Wars jewelry? Which one of these three designs is your favourite?

May the Force be with you!