Review – Loungefly accessories

Review – Loungefly accessories

Back in September last year, Hot Topic had a range of Star Wars accessories available. The range included cosmetic bags, hair brushes and hinge mirrors, each available in two designs – R2-D2 or Darth Vader. Since R2-D2 seems like he would be more helpful than Darth Vader when getting ready in the morning, I picked up a matching set of the R2-D2 cosmetic bag, R2-D2 hinge mirror, and R2-D2 hair brush. While I wasn’t surprised to see the make-up bag is made by Loungefly, I didn’t expect to see that the hair brush is also made by Loungefly! While I can’t say for certain if the mirror is also made by Loungefly, I do believe it is, as it was released at the same time and coordinates perfectly with the other two items.

R2-D2 cosmetic bag, hair brush and hinge mirror R2-D2 hair brush by Loungefly R2-D2 hinge mirror with Covergirl x Star Wars mascara (sold separately)

While these are exactly the sort of products I would love to see available in a Queen Amidala/Royal Naboo theme (as I wrote about here), I am happy to see Star Wars versions of products that women use on a daily basis. These items were released the same month as the Covergirl x Star Wars cosmetic collection, which was perfect timing for fans picking up the new make-up range. It is a little surprising Covergirl didn’t release a make-up etc to coordinate with their own range, or that there aren’t more makeup/beauty accessories available with a Star Wars theme – especially considering the intricate hair styles and make-up looks we see so often in the films!

R2-D2 cosmetic bag by Loungefly (front) R2-D2 cosmetic bag by Loungefly (back)

R2-D2 cosmetic bag by Loungefly (front)

The R2-D2 cosmetic bag is made from a water resistant fabric, with black lining fabric inside. The bag is padded with foam, to help protect your items inside. The bag closes with a black plastic zip across the top and partway down the sides, and closes with a black metal zipper pull. The outside of the bag features R2-D2’s classic ‘dome’ features – the front and back are different, which is a nice touch. The bag measures approximately 18cm wide, 14cm tall, and 7cm deep. This may be a little too small to hold all of some fan’s make-up, but it’s a nice size for your handbag or for compact travel use. As my make-up collection isn’t that big, I find this is a perfect size to hold my cosmetics – it’s fun having a helpful little astromech take care of my stuff 🙂 The R2-D2 cosmetic bag was priced at US$ 9.50 each, but it is unfortunately out of stock at Hot Topic (the Darth Vader make-up bag is available from an Amazon seller here).

R2-D2 cosmetic bag by Loungefly (interior) R2-D2 cosmetic bag by Loungefly (front)

R2-D2 cosmetic bag by Loungefly with R2-D2 hinge mirror and Covergirl nail polish (sold separately) R2-D2 cosmetic bag, hair brush and hinge mirror

The R2-D2 mirror is a circular hinge mirror, with two mirrors inside (one in the base, one in the lid). The outside lid features a plastic plaque of R2-D2’s features, while the underside of the base is plain white, printed with the standard Lucasfilm copyright. Each internal mirror measures approximately 7cm across, with the hinge and clasp adding a little extra to the external dimensions. The mirrors are nice and clear – though hard to photograph without getting in the shot! The R2-D2 hinge mirror was priced at US$6.00 each, but it is unfortunately out of stock at Hot Topic.

R2-D2 hinge mirror (front) R2-D2 hinge mirror (front/interior)

R2-D2 hinge mirror (back) R2-D2 hinge mirror (front)

The R2-D2 hair brush is a paddle style brush, and made from white plastic, with R2-D2’s features embossed and printed on the back. The handle has the text ‘R2-D2’ printed in black, with the standard Lucasfilm copyright text. The brush pad is blue, with black synthetic bristles with white caps. The brush measures approximately 21.8cm long, and 8.2cm wide (at the widest point). Everyone has a favourite style of brush, but I find this one comfortable and nice to use. The R2-D2 hair brush was priced at US$8.50 each, but it is unfortunately out of stock from Hot Topic – but the C-3PO hair brush is still currently available, which is also made by Loungefly (priced at US$8.50 each).

While some fans can’t wear their love of Star Wars to work, you can always start your day with a little Star Wars in your beauty routine. This is such a fun set that I get so much use from. Now I just wish someone would make a Queen Amidala or Princess Leia set!

R2-D2 hair brush by Loungefly R2-D2 hair brush by Loungefly

R2-D2 hair brush by Loungefly