Review – Loungefly Star Wars comic bag

Loungefly - comic print duffle

I loved the Loungefly x Star Wars collection from those first few preview photos, and once the full collection was revealed, I knew which ones I had to have. My favourite pieces are the Black/White comic print faux leather duffle and the Darth Vader Darkside black patent dome bag. As doesn’t ship internationally, my first instinct was to try ebay – these bags show up fairly regularly, but I noticed in particular the comic duffle has been selling very quickly. Worried about missing out, I tracked down a web store that had both my favourites in stock – At the time, the value of the two bags qualified my order for free international shipping, which is always a great bonus!

The first I’ll review is the Black/White comic print faux leather duffle. The faux leather is quite thick, so the bag retains it’s shape when empty. The internal lining fabric is printed with the Star Wars logo, which is a great surprise as I expected plain lining. Inside, there are two fabric pockets on one side, and a zip up pocket on the other. The adjustable shoulder strap is removable, clipping on and off from the metal d-rings on the side. The top and internal zipper pulls feature the Loungefly logo, and are nice and sturdy. The front side features a metal plaque of the Star Wars logo, a very nice touch. The bag measures approximately 26cm x 21cm x 17cm, a good medium size. I paid US$58 for mine from ModernPinUp, compared to US$65 direct from

Loungefly - comic print duffle Loungefly - comic print duffle

IMG_8456m IMG_8454m

I already had the black/white comic handbag by Rock Rebel that was released a few years ago, so I wasn’t sure if I really needed two ‘comic print’ bags. Upon seeing the Loungefly bag in person, I am so very glad I did buy it – they really are very different bag styles. Something else I hadn’t noticed until I put them side by side – the comic prints are not the same as I first thought. Loungefly used very different, closer up images of the characters for their print. You can compare the two in my photo below – Rock Rebel on the left, Loungefly on the right –

Rock Rebel and Loungefly bag comparison