Loungefly x Star Wars now available

Loungefly have finally released their Star Wars collection! There are several different designs, available in a variety of styles, including tote bags, back packs, dome bags, wallets and even pencil cases. Unfortunately Loungefly.com doesn’t ship outside the U.S. so I’ll be tracking these down on ebay and other stockists. Their earlier preview photos included some products not yet available on the website, like the R2-D2 bag – according to Loungefly’s Facebook page more will be coming in January. So many pieces from the range I love, especially the black/white comic print bag!

Shop the new collection here

Loungefly - color comic print faux leather tote bag Loungefly - black/white comic print faux leather duffle

Loungefly - tattoo flash print faux leather tote bag Loungefly - Darth Vader Darkside black patent dome bag

Photos sourced from and belong to Loungefly.