Review – Yoda cameo necklace

Bioworld - Yoda cameo necklace

I recently picked up a few Star Wars accessories from Hot Topic, including this Yoda cameo necklace. Made by Bioworld, the necklace features an image of Dagobah, with the silhouette of Yoda in front with his classic jedi training advice ‘Try Not, Do, or do not. There is no try’. The pendant has a clear dome, which I’m not sure if it’s glass or plastic. The pendant setting is sculpted like wood, with little knot holes which remind me of Yoda’s cane. The pendant is hung from an adjustable yellow-gold toned chain, which closes with a standard lobster-style clasp. The chain measures approximately 47.5cm long, with a further 8cm for adjusting. The pendant itself measures approximately 3.3cm high and 2.3cm wide, with ‘(c) LFL’ stamped in the back. It retails for US$8.50, but I paid US$5.92 during a sale at Hot Topic – it is currently still available at the time of writing. As I have a fondness for jedi-themed items, this was a must have for me. Despite being so well known, Yoda isn’t often used for accessories (compared to Darth Vader or R2-D2). I think it’s a fantastic necklace and I’m very happy to have it for my collection.

Bioworld - Yoda cameo necklace Bioworld - Yoda cameo necklace (front) Bioworld - Yoda cameo necklace (back)