Review – 1977 X-Wing stud earrings

The X-Wing necklace is one of my favourite pieces from Weingeroff Ent. so I was very excited to find the matching stud earrings. They measure approximately 18mm across, 14mm high. I paid US$20 for them on ebay – a little more than the R2-D2/C-3PO earrings, but the X-Wings tend to be a little harder to find. They have the same short posts as other stud earrings in the collection, so they should be worn with care to avoid accidentally knock the backings off. The sculpt is really nice, with a good angle to show off the X-Wing shape. I’m really happy to be able to add these to my collection – the backing card is in great condition too.

Weingeroff Ent X-Wing stud earrings Weingeroff Ent X-Wing stud earrings