Review – Vintage 1977 stud earrings

The Star Wars jewelry made by Weingeroff Ent. Providence, R.I. (licensed by Factors Etc, Inc) is really neat, and I am keen to collect all my favourite pieces. A recent purchase on Ebay just arrived – the C-3PO and R2-D2 stud earrings.

The detail is really cool, as I have come to expect from this line of jewelry, but the length of the earring posts is quite short. I will have to be careful when wearing them. They feel secure when on, but with no ‘spare length’ of the post extending beyond the backing clip when worn (or even on the backing card, as you can see in my photo), there is a risk of them sliding off and getting lost. Anyway, I am very happy to add them to my collection, they are great little pieces. They aren’t too hard to find on the second hand market, I paid US$15 for each pair (these backing cards are in great condition too).

Vintage Star Wars stud earrings - R2-D2 Vintage Star Wars stud earrings - C-3PO Vintage Star Wars stud earrings