Mail Call – DIFF Eyewear R2-D2 Sunglasses

Mail Call – DIFF Eyewear R2-D2 Sunglasses

Today’s unboxing video features a mini haul from DIFF Eyewear. In July 2020 DIFF released a range of Star Wars sunglasses and eyeglasses, inspired by classic Star Wars characters. I grabbed the gorgeous Princess Leia pair at launch, and as you can imagine, all the styles were very popular and sold out. Fast forward to now, and I was able to grab my second choice on a restock – the stylish R2-D2 pair!

Check out my unboxing video here –

These Star Wars R2-D2 sunglasses are a unisex style, with ‘Astromech White’ frames and ‘Naboo Blue’ lenses. I mean, I already loved the design, but when I read that the lenses were Naboo Blue, that meant DIFF included a little nod to The Phantom Menace where we first meet R2-D2 on Queen Amidala’s starship! This prequel fan was hooked, I had to have them.

I love the branded Star Wars sunglass case – each design comes with a matching case. The R2-D2 case is a shiny metallic silver with a printed blue astromech pattern. I have a few other Star Wars sunglasses that only came with thin fabric drawstring cases, so I really appreciate a hard case to protect these fabulous frames.

The lenses have a neat printed detail across the top – blue and red lines, which makes me think of wires. Not many Star Wars sunglasses have design elements on the lenses themselves, I think it’s a really fun touch. I also really like the wide metal top bar above the bridge. I’ve seen this design element on other sunglasses, and I really wanted to try the style out for myself.

Now the arms are where we really see the R2-D2 theme. The white arms feature a printed design inspired by R2-D2’s body details. I like that the design is just on the temple tips, not the whole arms – it keeps that extra bar free for a metallic silver detail to stand in for Artoo’s silver dome.

No chunkiness here, this design is all style and fine detail. Any Star Wars fan will instantly recognise this iconic droid inspired pattern.

The top of the arm at hinge features a small DIFF logo, so you can show off who made your awesome Star Wars sunglasses. I really like the mix of white and silver finishes – a clean and crisp design that any fan can wear.

Another fabulous detail – this hidden Aurebesh message inside one arm. It translates to Let’s make a difference. While I don’t need eyeglasses, I’m glad my purchase could help someone who does.

“Every pair of DIFFs sold helps to provide the gift of sight to someone in need through eye exams, surgeries, glasses, medicine, and more.”

I was so happy to be able to grab a restock of the Star Wars 2 piece vanity case, that holds two sunglasses – perfect for storing my Princess Leia and R2-D2 sunglasses! I was really impressed with the quality and finish of this case,.

I know I took quite a few photos for this quick unboxing, but these sunglasses are just so cool! So many details, I just wanted to share how much I love them. Of course, I’ll do a full review soon with even more details (like the little hidden R2-D2 on the nose pads).

May the Force be with you!