Review – vintage 1977 hair barrette

Gradually adding items to my collection of Weingeroff Ent. jewelry and accessories, my latest piece is the Darth Vader hair barrette. According to Collectors Archive, there are three different hair barrettes in the set – Darth Vader, C-3PO and R2-D2. They originally came on a cardboard backing card, but barrettes still with their original card are worth more/cost more, as you would expect. I paid US$17.99 for mine (without backing card) on ebay, a reasonable price for one of the less common Weingeroff Ent. items.

It is a little smaller than I was expecting, measuring approximately 4cm long, with Darth Vader measuring a little under 2cm high. The hair barrette uses an older clip method, with two metal rods that hook into the end (rather than the bar style used today). A little more delicate to clip in place, but works nicely (and I handle all my vintage items with care anyway). It has ‘(c) 77 20th Century Fox’ stamped on the back, noting it’s early origins with no mention of Lucasfilm. A great little piece, I’m keen to track down the others in the set.

Weingeroff Ent. Darth Vader hair barrette Weingeroff Ent. Darth Vader hair barrette