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Elhoffer Wardrobe Ensemble

Introducing the new Shop My Favorites page! Spending my days writing about new Star Wars fashion, I am always trying to decide which pieces stand out and make it on to my shopping wish list. It can be overwhelming at times!

I live in New Zealand, which means much of my Star Wars shopping is done online from international vendors. If you’ve even seen the Snow White pakidge meme – that’s me most days! It’s so exciting when your shiny new goods arrive in the mail, but it can be so disappointing when items aren’t as good as you hoped, or different to the promotional photos.

As I collect my fair share of Star Wars fashion, I’ve created a new gallery to highlight items that I love, and exceeded my expectations. Items that made it from my wishlist to my shopping list – and made me squeal with delight when I finally got them in my hands.

Of course some items sell out quickly, so I will feature picks that are available at time of writing. The photos are of my own purchases – I won’t feature an item unless I’ve ‘put my money where my mouth is’ and bought the item for myself before recommending it.

Check out my ‘Shop My Favorites’ page from the menu bar at the top of this website, or just click here. Here are this month’s faves –

  • Body Vibe Millennium Falcon Earrings
  • Body Vibe Japor Snippet necklace
  • Body Vibe Solo Sabacc Coin Necklace
  • Loungefly Rebel Clutch
  • Bioworld Solo Millennium Falcon Handbag
  • Loungefly Cantina Backpack
  • Diff Eyewear Princess Leia Sunglasses
  • Accutime Princess Leia Watch
  • Bioworld Rebel Jewelry Trinket Tray Set
  • Elhoffer Design Galactic Queen Shell
  • Elhoffer Design Galactic Princess Cape Cardigan
  • Elhoffer Design Galactic Eclipse Sweater
  • Po-Zu Footwear Rey Boots
  • Toms Women’s Hoth Shoes
  • Toms Women’s Princess Leia Boots