Review – Loungefly ewok coin purse

Loungefly - Ewok coin purse

In November last year, Torrid added a new range of Loungefly x Star Wars coin purses to their website. The new coin purses featured styles I haven’t seen elsewhere, and of course, I was immediately drawn to the ewok coin purse. I already own the original standard version of Loungefly’s ewok coin purse, but I do have a soft spot for ewok things, so I knew I needed it. The ewok coin purse was priced at US$22.50 each (I paid US$13.50 during a sale), but it sold out quite quickly and is currently out of stock at Torrid. If you really need one in your life, a seller on ebay has a few available for US$30.00 each.

Loungefly - Ewok coin purse Loungefly - Ewok coin purse

The coin purse is sewn from brown faux leather, with an insert of faux fur for the face. The ears are sewn from both fabrics – faux fur on the front, faux leather on the back, and are sewn into the top front seam. The face and hood details are fully embroidered – it is very tidily done, considering some faux fur items tend to have fur caught in the stitching. The back features Loungefly’s classic enamelled metal Star Wars logo plaque, and the embroidered Star Wars logo tab is sewn into the side back seam. The top zipper is brown, with a zipper pull sewn from the same brown faux leather as the coin purse. This is different to the other Loungefly x Star Wars coin purses I own, which feature the metal Loungefly logo zipper pull. Inside, the coin purse has the same black Star Wars logo lining fabric seen in most items in the range, which is a neat touch.

Unlike the other Loungefly x Star Wars coin purses, the new designs sold at Torrid are deeper, in that they have a band sewn between the front and back. The greater internal capacity means this can hold much more than the other thinner coin purse styles, and I find coins don’t get ‘stuck’ quite as often in the bottom. I can fit all my cards and cash easily, without getting too tight. The coin purse measures approximately 12.8cm across, 14.2cm tall (not including ears), and 2.5cm deep.

Loungefly - Ewok coin purse Loungefly - Ewok coin purse

As I already own the original standard ewok coin purse made by Loungefly (you can read my review here), I was interested to compare the two versions together. They are different in almost every respect – different size/shape, different material (one faux leather, one faux suede), different faux fur (one short haired, one long haired) different metal plaque (one glossy, one matte), different zipper pulls (one faux leather, one metal), different face details (one embroidered, one appliquéd) – but both versions do feature the same embroidered Star Wars logo tag and logo lining fabric. I was initially a little worried they would be too similar to really justify buying both – but they are definitely different, and the aspects of both will appeal to different people. Personally, I find I actually prefer this newer version from Torrid. As cute as both versions are, the neater faux fur and expressive embroidered eyes tend to give this coin purse a more classic ewok look. Together with the larger capacity, I know I’ll be using this new version more (but I still love them both of course).

Loungefly - Ewok coin purse Loungefly - Ewok coin purse comparison (two different styles)