Review – Ewok coin purse

Making use of recent sales, I picked up a few Loungefly x Star Wars items including this super cute ewok coin purse! The coin purse retails for US$20 direct from Loungefly (currently out stock/they don’t ship outside the US), I paid US$17 during a 15% off sale at Modern Pin Up.

The coin purse is made from faux suede leather and faux fur, with appliqué face details. It features the standard Loungefly x Star Wars touches, such as the metal logo plate on the back and black Star Wars logo lining fabric. The logo plate is matte/weathered, not glossy/shiny like on most of my other items from the collection, which matches the zip and overall style nicely. It measures approximately 12cm across and 14cm high, not including the ears. As is common with faux fur items, it’s ‘placement’ will vary from item to item – mine has more fur above the eyes than in the photos on, which rather adds to the fluffiness! I don’t use cash much so I don’t really have a need for a separate coin purse, but it was just too cute, I had to have one.

Loungefly - Ewok coin purse (front) Loungefly - Ewok coin purse (back)