Looking for Loungefly?

The Loungefly x Star Wars collection has been out a little while now, and it’s no secret I love the line! Living outside the US can sometimes add an extra hurdle when tracking down Star Wars fashion, as some websites don’t ship internationally. Thankfully, more and more websites are becoming Loungefly stockists, so I thought I’d round up some links for those of us still looking. I particularly like buying from stores with other Star Wars fashion items, so I can bundle a few purchases together to save on shipping.

  • Loungefly.com – buying direct, biggest range, doesn’t ship outside the US.
  • Modern PinUp – good range, prices are slightly cheaper than Loungefly, free shipping for US orders, free international shipping for orders over US$100.
  • Retro Glam – good range, prices (in CAD) are the same as Loungefly, located in Canada, can ship internationally.
  • SuperHeroStuff – select range, prices are the same/slightly higher than Loungefly, can ship internationally.
  • Stylin Online – select range, prices are the same as Loungefly, can ship internationally.
  • Hot Topic – currently only stocks the Stormtrooper crossbody bag, slightly higher priced than Loungefly (but has frequent sales), can ship internationally.
  • Thinkgeek – currently only stocks the Darth Vader crossbody bag, slightly higher priced than Loungefly (but has frequent sales), can ship internationally.
  • Amazon.com – most listings on Amazon are from sellers, not direct from Amazon, so prices will vary and some don’t ship internationally.
  • Ebay – varied range and prices, check individual listings for shipping information – compare prices with Loungefly.com as some are overpriced.

Loungefly x Star Wars handbags Loungefly x Star Wars handbags