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I am a huge fan of the Genndy Tartakovsky Clone Wars micro series from 2003/2004. At the time, the print-on-demand company Zazzle had the Star Wars license, so of course I had to make use of their library of Clone Wars images. As I love Padme’s Snowbunny outfit, I was very excited that I could create a custom ladies t-shirt with an official image from the show. A few years ago, I wanted to get another shirt, and was sad to discover that Zazzle no longer had the Star Wars license, and the gallery of Clone Wars images was gone. I’m so glad I bought my shirt when I did – the print quality is great, and the blue neck/sleeve binding of the Bella ringer style t-shirt worked so well with the image.

Zazzle - Clone Wars micro series Padme' Amidala women's t-shirt Zazzle - Clone Wars micro series Padme' Amidala women's t-shirt (detail)

Fast foward to today. As we all know, Disney now owns Star Wars – but Zazzle has held the Disney licence for many years. Checking the Zazzle website, there is no mention of Star Wars in the Disney categories – but the Zazzle print-on-demand service is available via the Disney Store website! The image galleries focus on Original Trilogy and Rebels characters, as you would expect as these have the closest relationship to Disney’s current Star Wars projects. There are four styles of women’s tops available, each with a variety of colour options –

  • Women’s American Apparel fine jersey T-shirt – US$24.95 each, sizes S to 2X
  • Women’s Hanes nano v-neck t-shirt – US$24.95 each, sizes S to 2X
  • Women’s Bella ringer t-shirt – US$22.95 each, sizes S to 2X
  • Women’s Bella 3/4 sleeve raglan t-shirt – US$22.95 each, sizes S to XL

Check out the Star Wars Zazzle options at the Disney Store website

Once you choose an image, you can put it on any shirt style you select, pick your shirt size and colour, and even add customizable text on the front or back (like a year or name). I think this is a fantastic option for female fans, allowing you to choose the shirt style you prefer and a huge range of images to choose from. They also offer other accessory items like wallets, tote bags and messenger bags that can be customized using the Star Wars image gallery too – check out the full range of items on the left side of the customization page.

Disney Store - Star Wars customizable t-shirts Disney Store - Star Wars customizable bags