The Mandalorian Messenger Bag

This stylish Mandalorian messenger bag is available from EB Games NZ. Made from nylon and inspired by Din Djarin’s armour, the messenger bag features a metal emblem of the Mandalorian’s helmet on the front flap, and a mudhorn symbol on the side. This beautiful and practical messenger bag is perfect… View Post

Rebel Pilot Messenger Bag on Amazon

Get ready for work in style with this Star Wars Rebel Pilot messenger bag. The grey messenger bag features design elements inspired by Rebel Pilots, with the classic Rebel Alliance symbol on the top flap. Star Wars Messenger Bag Rebel Pilot Inspired new Official Grey Measurements: 48 cm x 35… View Post

Forces Of Destiny Messenger Bag Kit at Fun

This neat Forces Of Destiny messenger bag is now available at Fun. While yes, the bag is probably designed for girls, I can’t help but get excited about fashion and accessories featuring the characters from the Forces Of Destiny animated short series. The messenger bag comes in the form of… View Post

Leia’s List – Boba Fett Themed Handbags

Welcome to this week’s “Leia’s List”. Each week we round up our favourite fashion items for a particular theme – today’s theme is women’s Boba Fett themed handbags. A fan favourite character, Boba Fett has lots of costume details to incorporate into handbag designs. His distinctive helmet and Mandalorian armour… View Post

Loungefly x Star Wars by Rob Prior

Welcome to our newest affiliate, Box Lunch! Box Lunch has a great exclusive Loungefly x Star Wars messenger bag available. The messenger bag is made from black faux leather, and has an adjustable shoulder strap, carry handle, and printed Imperial symbol lining fabric. The front flap features the amazing Dark Side themed… View Post

Rey bag from Loungefly!

I can’t contain my excitement – a Rey ‘cosplay-style bag is coming soon from Loungefly! Spotted on the Gamestop website, the bag is priced at US$59.99 each, with a release date of August 1st. I can’t express how much I need this bag – thankfully Gamestop ships internationally, but I am… View Post

Customizable items by Zazzle

I am a huge fan of the Genndy Tartakovsky Clone Wars micro series from 2003/2004. At the time, the print-on-demand company Zazzle had the Star Wars license, so of course I had to make use of their library of Clone Wars images. As I love Padme’s Snowbunny outfit, I was very… View Post

Two new messenger bags

TruffleShuffle recently added two new retro style Star Wars messenger bags to their website. One features Boba Fett, the other features the classic stormtrooper. They are both priced at £30.99 each (approximately US$48) – TruffleShuffle is based in the UK but they ship internationally. The bags feature a printed graphic on… View Post

Retro style messenger bags

The problem with spending time searching on-line for Star Wars fashion is you occasionally find items from overseas countries that don’t ship to your own country. I came across these cool retro style messenger bags from Logoshirt, a company based in Germany. Their web store unfortunately only ships to a handful… View Post