Retro style messenger bags

The problem with spending time searching on-line for Star Wars fashion is you occasionally find items from overseas countries that don’t ship to your own country. I came across these cool retro style messenger bags from Logoshirt, a company based in Germany. Their web store unfortunately only ships to a handful of European countries (Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Italy and France). They retail for €44,90 (approximately US$51), with four different bag designs. While messenger bags aren’t really my style, I quite like that white R2-D2 & C-3PO bag.

UK based store RetroStyler has the Darth Vader and Yoda messenger bags in stock – they do ship internationally! They retail for £34.95 (approximately US$54) – Darth Vader bag or Yoda bag. They also stock the bags on their store for US$64.99 each.

See the range of Star Wars messenger bags at

Logoshirt - Darth Vader retro style messenger bag Logoshirt - Yoda retro style messenger bag

Logoshirt - Star Wars retro style messenger bag Logoshirt - Star Wars droids retro style messenger bag

Photos sourced from and belong to Logoshirt.