Review – Loungefly Darth Vader clutch

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I missed the announcement of Loungefly’s Darth Vader 3d coin clutch in October, but was able to pick it up from another fashion website. I am quite impressed with it’s size, being a little bigger than I was expecting. It measures approx 13cm x 14cm, it’s internal compartment is large enough to hold cash, credit cards, lipstick etc. There is a little pouch in the lining fabric inside, which is useful. It’s wrist strap is removable, so you can use it as a coin purse within a handbag, but it would be a shame to hide it. The moulded silicone Darth Vader mask is well done, and features the Star Wars logo on the back. For US$22, I think it’s a great addition to my bag collection.

Interestingly, while it was announced as available back in October, then vanished – it is once again available from with their Star Wars collection. Perhaps the first announcement was a bit too early and was pulled? Either way, I’m very happy to have one. See my earlier post about the Loungefly x Star Wars collection release here.

Buy the Darth Vader clutch from Loungefly here

Loungefly - Darth Vader 3d coin clutch Loungefly - Darth Vader 3d coin clutch