• Outer Rim Recon – Vera Bradley Darth Vader

    Outer Rim Recon – Vera Bradley Darth Vader
  • New C-3PO Palette by ColourPop Cosmetics

    New C-3PO Palette by ColourPop Cosmetics
  • New Darth Vader Collection by Vera Bradley

    New Darth Vader Collection by Vera Bradley
  • Loungefly x Star Wars Gingerbread Backpack

    Loungefly x Star Wars Gingerbread Backpack

Outer Rim Recon – RockLove Ring Collection

Introducing a new regular video series here – Outer Rim Recon! What does that mean, you ask? Well simply put – virtual window shopping! I love to browse Star Wars fashion online, so now you can come along with me as I check out new collections, brands, and stockists, all…

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Star Wars Is Joy – A Philosophy

Here at The Kessel Runway, I believe in and follow the philosophy that Star Wars is Joy. My content is all about celebrating the fun, positive, and joyful aspects of all the Star Wars movies and Star Wars hobbies. I believe that everyone should be free to participate in or…

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Elhoffer Design Galactic Hunter Dolman Shrug

Celebrate Boba Fett with this fantastic new Galactic Hunter dolman shrug from Elhoffer Design! The olive green open front shrug style cardigan features an contrast trim edge and shoulder stripe, as well as a mythosaur skull design woven into the knit on the back. The colour scheme is instantly recognisable…

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Mail Call – Ahsoka Tano Pendant Necklace

Today’s mail call features this cute Ahsoka Tano pendant necklace from Amazon. It was one of those moments when you find something by accident, and instantly know you need it! A good design, at an affordable price – and I’m always looking for new, unique Star Wars jewelry pieces for…

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Ahsoka Print Nylon Handbag on Amazon

Looking to add to your Ahsoka handbag collection? This Ahsoka Tano printed handbag is available on Amazon! The nylon handbag features an all-over repeating blue and white print, inspired by Ahsoka’s togruta montrals, with orange details of her iconic facial markings. A simple grab and go handbag, perfect for Ahsoka…

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Star Wars The Mandalorian Grogu Gloves

These adorable Grogu gloves are now available at Entertainment Earth. While most cute Star Wars gloves are often made in kids sizes, these ones are for us adults! The one size fits most design is made from acrylic yarn, and features Grogu’s cute features in embroidered details. Show off your…

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Mail Call – Short Story x Star Wars

Today’s mail call features fabulous jewelry and accessories from the first Short Story x Star Wars collection. The Australian-based brand has a new licensed Star Wars range which includes candles, pins, earrings, necklaces, and more. Since I originally recorded my unboxing (a few months ago), Short Story has announced a…

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Mail Call – The Child Necklace by Jacmel

Today’s mail call features the adorable The Child necklace by Jacmel. There has been no shortage of jewelry inspired by The Mandalorian and The Child, so I’m always delighted when I spot something a little bit different that catches my eye. This little pendant instantly grabbed my attention, so of…

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Obi-Wan & Anakin – Twenty Years Later

The first two episodes of the Disney + series Obi-Wan Kenobi aired today, and I’ve been reflecting on the early prequel era of my Star Wars fandom. It makes me so happy to see Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen back together again, they have always been a huge part of…

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SWCC Collecting Star Wars Fashion Panel

Collecting Star Wars Fashion – my Star Wars Celebration Chicago panel. In the lead up to Celebration 2022 this weekend, I’m taking a look back at some of my favourite Star Wars Celebration memories – which of course includes the honor of being able to present two panels, one in 2017…

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