Mail Call – Ahsoka Tano Pendant Necklace

Ahsoka Necklace (Amazon)

Today’s mail call features this cute Ahsoka Tano pendant necklace from Amazon. It was one of those moments when you find something by accident, and instantly know you need it! A good design, at an affordable price – and I’m always looking for new, unique Star Wars jewelry pieces for my collection.

Our Favorite Togruta and Fierce Jedi Ahsoka Tano. This pendant is made of stainless steel, and filled with enamel. The colors indicate Ahsoka’s facial pattens and head tails. You can choose either an 18″ sterling silver box chain, 20″ stainless steel ball chain, or 18″ black leather coated cord.

The necklace is priced at US$19.99 each, and comes with three chain options (ball chain, black cord, or sterling silver chain) – shipping rates/policies vary by Amazon seller.

Check out my full unboxing video –

The necklace came packaged on a cardboard backing card, inside a clear plastic sleeve. This was more than I was expecting from a fan made item, the presentation is lovely. The backing card features the text ‘Peace Love Merch’ which is also the Amazon seller name. This item does ship from Amazon, so it is eligible for shipping promotions that Amazon offers.

This necklace features a silver-toned oval pendant, with inlaid white and grey-blue enamel. The enamel details are clean and crisp, even up close. The pendant has a good balance of enough detail to be recognised as Ahsoka Tano themed, without it getting cluttered or messy.

The pendant measures approximately 3.1cm tall by 2.2cm across (not including the top hanger rings). Large enough to fit all the detail, without being too big and heavy.

Ahsoka Necklace (Amazon)

One aspect that I particularly like about this design is the lack of orange. I know that Ahsoka’s distinctive togruta colours include blue, orange, and white, but orange can be quite hard to coordinate with. I like the muted tones of the blue enamel of this design – it won’t clash with your apparel.

Ahsoka Necklace (Amazon)

The back of the pendant is flat and glossy – as this appears to be a fan made item, I would not expect any text or copyright information. Sure, there could have been a short quote etched in the back, but that tends to require an extra step in production that complicates things and raises the price. I appreciate the simplicity of this design – and I never really care too much about what is on the back of a pendant anyway.

Ahsoka Necklace (Amazon)

At the time I ordered this necklace, there were only two chain options – ball chain or black leather cord. I choose the cord option, as I thought it matched the pendant better. Now there is also a third option – sterling silver chain. If I was ordering now, I think I would have chosen the sterling silver chain, but that’s okay – I still like the look of the cord.

I usually prefer metal chains over leather cords for my Star Wars jewelry – partly for the look, but also I find chains easier to store than cords, which can ‘kink’ when stored for extended periods of time. Having received my necklace and getting a proper in-hand look, I do really like the way the cord works with the pendant design – something about the way the black cord compliments the dusty grey-blue enamel.

Ahsoka Necklace (Amazon)

This cord measures approximately 18″ long, which I find is a nice length for me. The black cord necklace is adjustable, with approximately 5cm of silver-tone chain links for adjustment. The necklace closes with a silver-tone lobster-style clasp, which has a nice spring to it, nice and secure.

In summary, I’m happy to add this cute necklace to my collection. In recent months, there was been quite an increase in the volume of Ahsoka Tano themed apparel and accessories, but I still haven’t come across a licensed necklace that just captures Ahsoka’s features in this way – and for such an affordable price!

May the Force be with you!

Ahsoka Necklace (Amazon)