Review – ‘I Know’ necklace set

Review – ‘I Know’ necklace set

In January 2014, Her Universe first released this ‘I Love You’ – ‘I Know’ necklace set in time for Valentine’s Day. Recently Her Universe re-released the set, so it is once again available to buy direct from Her Universe – though the set has been available at Thinkgeek for quite some time. Thinkgeek’s standard price for the necklace set is US$39.99, which is higher than Her Universe’s price (US$30.00) – but Thinkgeek has the necklace available as a option in their ‘Geek Point’ range. Early last year, I had saved enough points (8,000) to get the necklace for free with a US$50 purchase, so I redeemed my points for this set with an order – getting Star Wars jewelry for free is always exciting!

The necklace set came packaged inside a cream coloured satin drawstring gift bag, with the Star Wars and Her Universe logos printed in red foil (the foil on my bag has rubbed a little over the past year). Inside, the necklaces are held on a black cardboard jewelry card, with a little paper note with the item name and jewelry materials etc. The necklace set features a ‘best friends’ style pendant design, in that the two pendants are two halves of a shape – in this case, the two pendants form a complete Rebel Alliance ‘starbird’ symbol when placed together. The ‘left’ pendant is stamped with ‘I Love You’, while the ‘right’ pendant is stamped with the following reply ‘I Know’ – as spoken by Princess Leia and Han Solo (or reversed, depending which film you prefer to reference). The back of each pendant is stamped with the standard Lucasfilm copyright text, noting these are licensed Star Wars items. The paper insert notes the materials are ‘Pewter charm, Stainless steel ball chain, Sterling silver jump ring’. Each pendant measures approximately 2.5cm tall (1″ tall), and approximately 12mm across at the widest part.

Her Universe - 'I Love You' - 'I Know' necklace set (gift bag) Her Universe - 'I Love You' - 'I Know' necklace set

The set comes with two ball-chain necklaces – one is 20″ long (with the ‘I Love You’ pendant), while the other is 28″ long (with the ‘I Know’ pendant). The idea is that you wear the ‘I Love You’ half, while you give the other ‘I Know’ half to a partner. The assumption is your partner is a guy, to follow with the Leia and Han reference, so that’s why the second chain is longer – but the pendants can be easily removed and switched to opposite length chains if you prefer, or cut the ball chain to your preferred length, or remove the pendants from the chains and hang them on different style chains/cord of your own choosing.

As the hole for the pendant hanger ring is in a very narrow part of the pendant, I wouldn’t be unnecessarily rough with the pendants, to avoid possibly breaking the tips. The pointed end of the ‘starbird wings’ can be prone to catching, so I wouldn’t wear this with delicate fabrics or fabrics prone to thread pulling, just to be safe. There have been a few other Leia and Han themed ‘best friend’ style necklace sets since this Her Universe version was first released (like these from Spencers and Hot Topic), but this is still my favourite version. There does appear to be a ‘copycat’ version coming soon from Body Vibe (seen on the left in this photo), so it would be interesting to compare the two versions together. As my significant other doesn’t wear necklaces/chains, I don’t have much reason to buy sets like this much – so I plan to wear both pendants together, as a tribute to Princess Leia and Han Solo.

Her Universe - 'I Love You' - 'I Know' necklace set (back detail) Her Universe - 'I Love You' - 'I Know' necklace set (one of two) Her Universe - 'I Love You' - 'I Know' necklace set (two of two)