New Body Vibe x Star Wars

Norse Legion has posted a new photo of items from the Body Vibe x Star Wars jewelry range – which shows several new items I haven’t seen before! There is so much to take in displayed in this photo, but the new items that stand out to me are –

  • Kylo Ren helmet dangle charm bead
  • Rose gold Empire symbol charm bead (to match the range of jewelry)
  • Star Wars character charm bracelet (centre front of photo)
  • Bracelet featuring recessed text (looks like Yoda’s ‘Do or Do Not’ quote)
  • ‘I Love You’ – ‘I Know’ Rebel Alliance symbol necklace set (very similar to the Her Universe version)
  • The smaller character necklaces on the right (Yoda, BB-8, Death Star, R2-D2, Darth Vader, Stormtrooper)
  • The two new Star Wars ‘beads’ necklaces (circular pendants, on right of photo)
  • Small Star Wars logo necklace (on left of photo)

The photo also shows items I have seen on the Body Vibe wholesale website – it looks like the sterling silver symbol earrings hanging on the top centre rail? That could mean that the small character necklaces on the right are also from the sterling silver range? I am excited to see the Body Vibe x Star Wars range continually growing and adding new designs and styles – I hope these are available from stockists soon! 🙂

*update* – it appears that some ebay sellers (see here) have the character bracelet already, it is sterling silver! 🙂

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Norse Legion - Body Vibe x Star Wars jewelry display

Photo sourced from and belongs to Norse Legion.