Valentine’s Day 2016

It’s Valentine’s Day here in New Zealand, so to celebrate I’ve gathered some of my favourite romance-themed Star Wars fashion items – which of course, feature Princess Leia and Han Solo. The ‘I Love You’ – ‘I Know’ scenes between Princess Leia and Han Solo are some of the most romantic in the Star Wars films, so it’s no surprise there are many apparel and accessories options featuring the couple. Whether you’ve found your scruffy nerfherder or princess – or you’re still looking for that trusty co-pilot – Valentine’s Day is a great day to celebrate love in a galaxy far, far away.

Assorted women's 'I Love You' - 'I Know' apparel and accessories

The items in the photo are –

Her Universe - women's 'I Know' t-shirt (front detail) Irregular Choice - women's 'I Know' flats Her Universe - 'I Love You' - 'I Know' necklace set Kohl's - women's Star Wars sunglasses with drawstring bag

Body Vibe - 'I Love You' - 'I Know' Möbius strip necklace and bracelet Body Vibe - Princess Leia and Han Solo expandable bracelet Bioworld - 'I Love You' - 'I Know' bead bracelet set