I Love You – I Know jewelry

Norse Legion has revealed more Body Vibe x Star Wars jewelry that will be available at Celebration Anaheim – a collection of pieces featuring the romantic exchange “I love you” – “I know” between Princess Leia and Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back. The revealed pieces in the range are a bracelet, pendant and his/hers rings. I really love the bracelet – the Möbius strip design adds a unique touch. The women’s ring features Leia’s line “I Love You”, which works well on it’s own as a lovely romantic piece (the men’s ring features Han’s reply “I know”). Make sure you visit booth #1103 at Celebration Anaheim for these and many more fantastic Star Wars jewelry pieces – but if you can’t attend, don’t worry as these aren’t convention exclusives, so hopefully they’ll be available to buy on-line soon.

Body Vibe - 'I Love You, I Know' bracelet Body Vibe - 'I Love You, I Know' bracelet

Body Vibe - 'I Love You, I Know' pendant Body Vibe - 'I Love You' women's ring Body Vibe - 'I Love You' women's ring

Photos sourced from and belong to Norse Legion.