Review – Leia and Han bracelet

I have been waiting for the Body Vibe x Star Wars expandable bracelets since February, when Norse Legion first previewed the Stormtrooper bracelet. The bracelets finally showed up on the Body Vibe wholesale website in early November, and are now making their way to stockists. My favourite design from the range is the Princess Leia and Han Solo ‘I Love You’ – ‘I Know’ bracelet, and was very excited to see that one of my favourite local stores had it in stock!

I purchased my bracelet from New Zealand stockist Mighty Ape for NZD$39.99 (approximately US$26.31), but it is also currently available from a few sellers on Amazon – here and here (prices range from US$24.95 to US$36.00, shipping rates and polices vary by seller). I am still looking for the expandable bracelets to show up at other Body Vibe x Star Wars stockists (like Thinkgeek or Entertainment Earth). Other Star Wars designs from the range have been available during Zulily’s Star Wars sales, but sadly not this particular Leia and Han bracelet.

The bracelet came packaged in a black hinged jewelry box – I was expecting the standard cardboard box that most of my Body Vibe x Star Wars jewelry has come with (as pictured on the Body Vibe website). This black jewelry box is a lovely presentation if you’re giving this bracelet as a gift (as I’m sure some will this holiday season). There is no branding on the outside of the jewelry box – there was only a small bar code sticker on the underside, which was easy to remove. The box has white satin-finish lining inside the lid, which is printed with the Star Wars logo and Lucasfilm copyright text. The bracelet sits around a raised oval plastic tray – though I found once I opened the box, it takes a little bit of work to arrange the pendants to a spot that will allow the lid to close again (it feels like the box is just a little bit too small, but somehow it does fit).

Body Vibe - Princess Leia and Han Solo bracelet (with box)

The bracelet is made from stainless steel, and features five pendants – two large, three small. The two large pendants feature black enamel silhouettes of Princess Leia and Han Solo – one on each pendant, facing each other. I love that Princess Leia’s braided hairstyle is correct, from the classic scene on Bespin where the romantic exchange originally comes from. The two small round pendants are stamped with the text ‘I Love You’ and ‘I Know’, while the third small pendant features a cut-out Star Wars logo. The back of each of the larger pendants features the Lucasfilm copyright text, noting this is an officially licensed item. The larger pendants measure approximately 18mm across, while the two small quote pendants measure approximately 8mm across.

Body Vibe x Star Wars Princess Leia and Han Solo expandable charm bracelet

The expandable bracelet is described as 7.5″ in length, in a ‘one size fits most’ design – this is the ‘default’ size, which can be adjusted. I can comfortably fit it over my hand to wear, and it is easy to tighten or loosen with the overlapping mechanism. The Leia and Han pendants are attached between the bracelet ‘ends’, so they can’t rotate around the whole bracelet, and can’t separate while wearing – which I love – but they do tend to overlap each other (most of the other bracelet designs only feature one large pendant).

Body Vibe x Star Wars Princess Leia and Han Solo expandable charm bracelet

This style of bracelet was (I believe) originally designed by Alex and Ani, and can be worn ‘stacked’ together, wearing several on the same wrist. A lot of ‘I Love You’ – ‘I Know’ jewelry features the phrases on two separate items (like two necklaces), so I really appreciate seeing the quotes together on this bracelet. While this design is my favourite from the Body Vibe range, I’m sure I’ll end up buying a few more – it’s great to see more Star Wars bracelets available.

Body Vibe x Star Wars Princess Leia and Han Solo expandable charm bracelet