Review – ROTJ die cast necklaces

I am very excited about some new additions to my Star Wars jewelry collection – three vintage die cast pendants from Return of the Jedi. In 1983, the Star Wars jewelry license was held by Adam Joseph Industries Inc, who produced eleven different necklaces for the film (credit to SWCA for the information). Most were gold toned, and are fairly easy to find in good condition today – but three were painted die cast metal. As you might expect, it is harder to find vintage painted metal items that have been looked after to avoid chips and scratches. I paid U$44.50 for all three, which I consider a fair price for their condition.

IMG_2873m IMG_2875ms

The pendants are solid die-cast metal, so they have a bit of weight to them. The Yoda and Darth Vader necklaces weigh 26g each, while R2-D2 weighs 29g (chains included). Each pendant has ‘(c) LFL 1983 H.K.’ in small raised text on the back – but as this is underneath the paint, it is very hard to read clearly. The details of the paint application are quite well done, considering the scale. The pendants are flat on the bottom, so they can stand on their own (as you can see in my photos below). Yoda is the shortest at 3cm tall, R2-D2 at 3.2cm tall and Darth Vader of course the tallest at 3.9cm (not including the top hanging rings). Each pendant is hung on a non-adjustable gold tone chain, measuring approximately 62cm long and closing with a standard circular jewelry clasp. As I don’t wish to risk any damage, these necklaces will reside in my collection, rather than be worn, but I’m so happy to have finally been able to track down this cute little set.

IMG_2855ms IMG_2860ms IMG_2866ms