Review – I Know flats

Irregular Choice x Star Wars - I Know shoes

I have admired the range of shoes from Irregular Choice for quite some time, so it was very exciting to find their booth at Celebration Anaheim back in April, advertising an upcoming Star Wars collection! It was hard waiting so long, but now I finally have a pair of ‘I Know’ flats! While convention attendees could pre-order pairs at Celebration, I had such a hard time trying to narrow down my favourites, so I decided to wait until I could order on-line. I knew the collection was going to be popular, but certain styles/sizes sold out within 15 minutes of the launch! One of my purchases was the ‘I Know’ flats, which have recently arrived in the mail – and I couldn’t contain my excitement opening the box!

At the time of writing, these are still available in limited quantities at for US$158.99 (US sizes 7, 8, 9), Office for £109.00 (UK size 4), Shoe Fun for AUD$229.95 (Euro sizes 37, 38), Aberrant sole for US$159.95 (US size 7) and Tilted Sole for US$159.00 (Euro sizes 36 to 41).

Irregular Choice x Star Wars - shoe box Irregular Choice x Star Wars - I Know shoes with box and packaging

The shoes came in a special Irregular Choice x Star Wars cardboard box, with a clear window to show the mint colour printed tissue paper inside. Each shoe was carefully and securely wrapped in white tissue paper. Inside the shoes were the standard ‘sticks’ to hold out the heel, again with tissue paper in the toe of the shoes. This design was one of my favourites right from the moment I saw them – I’m a huge fan of Princess Leia, so I’m rather fond of apparel/accessories that feature the romantic exchange between Leia and Han Solo.

Irregular Choice x Star Wars - I Know shoes Irregular Choice x Star Wars - I Know shoes (detail)

Irregular Choice x Star Wars - I Know shoes Irregular Choice x Star Wars - I Know shoes with box

The ‘I Know’ shoes are made from vintage-style faded floral print fabric that features Han Solo and Princess Leia digital prints – Han Solo on the left shoe, Princess Leia on the right shoe. The digital printing is nicely done, with a softness that matches the floral print background. The point of each shoe features an embroidered red heart, with four embroidered flowers on each side (two blue, two pink) – a soft feminine touch to the design that I really like. It feels like a long time coming to finally have licensed Star Wars women’s shoes that didn’t look like they were designed for men, so I really appreciate the details of this design that set it apart from previous footwear options. As much as I loved the Darth Vader and C-3PO flats in the collection, this designs felt more unique and daring – we’re not likely to see a design like these ‘I Know’ shoes from any other footwear designer, and that’s what I love about Irregular Choice. These shoes are really special, with a wonderful romantic style – one of the prettiest designs in the collection.

Irregular Choice x Star Wars - I Know shoes Irregular Choice x Star Wars - I Know shoes

Irregular Choice x Star Wars - I Know shoes

The back outer heel of both of the shoes feature the Star Wars logo embroidered in black and gold, and the rim of the shoe opening is edged with black piping. The heel cap and sole edge are gold, with a band of black glitter on the 1.5cm heel. The European shoe size is printed inside, and the hologram insole features fully embroidered Star Wars and Irregular Choice logos – a lovely detail. The soles feature images from the A New Hope dvd cover (from 2004), a lovely feature for that glimpse of the sole when you walk – though you will need to protect the soles if you don’t want the image to get eventually worn down (there are sole protectors made specifically for Irregular Choice shoes, like these). I’m so happy to see how successful this footwear collection has been – I really hope to see another Irregular Choice x Star Wars collection available in the future!

Irregular Choice x Star Wars - I Know shoes (sole detail) Irregular Choice x Star Wars - I Know shoes (sole detail)

Here’s a short turnaround video of my shoes –