Review – Han Cholo ring

The Darth Vader lightsaber cuff is my favourite piece from the Han Cholo x Star Wars jewelry collection, so it was very exciting to see the release of more lightsaber jewelry in their Star Wars range. In addition to the cuff, the range now includes a women’s ring, stud earrings and necklace – all the new items feature Obi-Wan Kenobi’s lightsaber. The stainless steel lightsaber ring has just arrived from Han Cholo, and I was so excited to finally see this item in person. The stainless steel ring is priced at US$50.00 direct from Han Cholo – it is temporarily out of stock at the moment, with more arriving soon. This ring is also available in Han Cholo’s precious metals range, made from solid .925 sterling silver and vermeil (14k gold plated), priced at US$160.00 (precious metal items are made to order).

Han Cholo - Lightsaber ring packaging Han Cholo - Lightsaber ring with packaging Han Cholo - Lightsaber ring with packaging

The ring comes packaged in a ‘drawer-style’ black gift box, which features an all-over starry sky background, with the Star Wars and Han Cholo logos embossed in silver on the front. The back of the box has smaller logos printed in white, this time with website addresses, together with the Disney logo and the text ‘For Ages Cool And Up’. The rings sits in a slit in the foam square inside the box (the foam has a black velvet top layer) – a lovely presentation if you’re giving this ring as a gift.

Han Cholo - Shadow Series stainless steel lightsaber ring Han Cholo - Shadow Series stainless steel lightsaber ring Han Cholo - Shadow Series stainless steel lightsaber ring

The ring features the design of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s lightsaber, as seen in the Original Trilogy.This version is made from stainless steel, as part of Han Cholo’s ‘Shadow Series’ – the blade is gold plated, and the hilt section has black antiquing to highlight the details. The first thing I noticed is how light this ring is – a lovely slender design that is very comfortable to wear. The sculpt has a flat internal surface (like the cuff), which features imprinted Han Cholo, (c) LFL and Star Wars logos/text. The low profile design of the ring means I can wear this everyday, and with any outfit – it’s a great balance for those who want Star Wars jewelry with a bit of subtlety.

The design is ‘one size’ (designed to fit ring sizes 6, 7 and 8), so I was of course very interested to see the actual dimensions of the ring. Sculpted in a circle, the inside diameter is approximately 18mm across. The band measures approximately 51mm end to end (internally), with a gap of approximately 7mm (straight across, end to end). As it arrived, it was just a little too loose for me to wear securely – as I expected, it comes ‘set’ in the largest size. With care, I was able to bend this just a little tighter, and now it’s a perfect size for me.

There is also an exclusive Han Cholo x Star Wars all-gold toned lightsaber cuff and ring available at Thinkgeek – personally, I prefer the two-tone finish of this set, as I feel it highlights the lightsaber sculpt better. The Thinkgeek-exclusive ring features Darth Vader’s lightsaber instead – but there are far less Obi-Wan themed accessories available than Darth Vader, so I’m really happy to see the Jedi Master’s lightsaber used in Han Cholo’s range. The ring and cuff together make a great set, referencing that final duel between Master and Apprentice on the Death Star in A New Hope.

Han Cholo - Shadow Series stainless steel lightsaber ring Han Cholo - Shadow Series stainless steel lightsaber ring and cuff Han Cholo - Shadow Series stainless steel lightsaber ring and cuff

Disclaimer: this item was supplied by Han Cholo for review purposes. The Kessel Runway stands by the position that this, and all of our reviews, are an honest analysis and opinion regardless of whether the merchandise was purchased or supplied by a manufacturer/retailer.