Review – Loungefly mini Vader bag

When Loungefly released their Star Wars handbag collection, I knew straight away I loved the Darth Vader patent handbag. Interestingly, it is the only design in the range (so far) to be available in two sizes, so I while I knew I wanted it, I wasn’t sure which size would be best for me. I initially bought the standard size version (which I reviewed here), but my curiosity and love of handbags got the better of me, and I ended up buying the smaller ‘mini’ Darth Vader handbag too. I paid US$55 from Modern PinUp, compared to US$60 direct from Loungefly. As an international customer I can’t order from as they don’t ship outside the US. I have bought all my Loungefly x Star Wars handbags from Modern PinUp so far – they have almost the complete range, and ship internationally.

Loungefly - mini Darth Vader dome bag Loungefly - mini Darth Vader dome bag Loungefly - mini Darth Vader dome bag (with lightsaber) Loungefly - mini Darth Vader dome bag (with wallet)

The bag came in it’s own black drawstring dust bag, with the Star Wars logo printed in silver on one side. Again, this bag has a fantastic patent leather shine, embossed with repeating patterns of Darth Vader’s helmet, Imperial logo, and TIE X1 Advanced. The features are all very similar to the larger version, so my photos in this review are more focused on size comparison. Above is a photo of the mini bag with my Rock Rebel comic panel wallet for approximate scale – I haven’t purchased a wallet from the Loungefly x Star Wars collection yet. I have also taken photos with the Darth Vader 3d coin clutch and the R2-D2 handbag from the same collection for comparison. The mini Darth Vader handbag measures approximately 27cm long, 12cm wide and 22cm high – the same measurements as the R2-D2 bag.

Loungefly - mini Darth Vader dome bag (with lightsaber) Loungefly - mini Darth Vader dome bag (with 3d coin clutch) Loungefly - mini Darth Vader dome bag with R2-D2 handbag

You can see the size difference between the two versions of the Darth Vader bag in my photo below. The removable Darth Vader helmet tags are different sizes also, in scale with the bags. The bottom has four metal stud feet to help avoid scuffing the patent leather surface when placed down. The interior is lined with the same Star Wars logo printed fabric, with two fabric pockets on one side, and a zip-up compartment on the other side. The handles feature the same silver metal Imperial cog studs, one of my favourite details from this collection. has a price difference of US$15 between the two sizes (US$60 for the mini, US$75 for the standard). While it may not be entirely necessary for me to own two handbags so similar in design, the very noticeable size difference means I use them for very different situations.

Loungefly - mini Darth Vader dome bag with standard size version Loungefly - mini Darth Vader dome bag Loungefly - mini Darth Vader dome bag