Outer Rim Recon – Vera Bradley Darth Vader

Outer Rim Recon – Vera Bradley Darth Vader

Introducing a new episode of video series here – Outer Rim Recon! What does that mean, you ask? Well simply put – virtual window shopping! I love to browse Star Wars fashion online, so now you can come along with me as I check out new collections, brands, and stockists, all on video.

Vera Bradley recently released a Darth Vader capsule collection, which was available online for 48 hours only! As I can’t see the items in store or in person, I headed to the Vera Bradley US website to browse the range and check out all the details. There are eleven items in the new collection – which one is your favourite?

As the 48 hour time limit has now finished, the collection is no longer available to see on the Vera Bradley website – check out the full range in our earlier post here.

Check out my virtual shopping video below –

Photos sourced from and belong to Vera Bradley.