TKR at Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023

TKR at Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023

Exciting news! I will be presenting a panel about Star Wars Fashion at Celebration Europe 2023! I have had the honour of presenting a panel about Star Wars fashion at two previous Celebration events – Orlando 2017 and Chicago 2019. This one makes it a trilogy of panels!

Generations of Star Wars Fashion – Star Wars Celebration Website

  • Generations of Star Wars Fashion
  • 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
  • Sat, Apr 8, 2023
  • Holonet News Stage (Room 17)

Fashion always changes with trends and time, and so does Star Wars fashion, from vintage style in the Original Trilogy era to modern style in the Disney era. The evolution of fashion culture and growth of social media has profoundly changed the Star Wars fashion landscape. This panel includes a timeline overview of Star Wars fashion from 1977 to today, and examines topics including notable brands and collaborations, product availability (locally, online, and internationally), the rise of “hype drops” and sell-out releases, affordability from DIY projects to luxury brands, collectability and resale value, fan-made fashion vs fakes and knock offs, sustainability and thrifting, and how different generations collect and wear Star Wars fashion. Hosted by Kristy Glasgow (founder of The Kessel Runway) and her husband Matt Glasgow, each sharing their unique perspective based on years of collecting Star Wars fashion together.

You can add it to your schedule in the official Star Wars Celebration app. We hope to see you there!