Mail Call – Short Story x Star Wars

Short Story x Star Wars - Falcon + Death Star Earrings

Today’s mail call features fabulous jewelry and accessories from the first Short Story x Star Wars collection. The Australian-based brand has a new licensed Star Wars range which includes candles, pins, earrings, necklaces, and more.

Since I originally recorded my unboxing (a few months ago), Short Story has announced a second collection, including new Star Wars candles with pins, posters, and t-shirts! The new range includes Princess Leia items, so you know I had to grab a few pieces – stay tuned for another unboxing soon!

Prices range from NZ$16.00 to NZ$54.00 each – please note that due to licensing, the Short Story x Star Wars collection can only ship to Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

Check out my full unboxing video –

It was so hard to narrow down my favourites, but for my first order (because I’m sure it won’t be long before I’m back for more…) I picked out 6 items – two necklaces, two earring sets, a pin, and a candle.

Short Story x Star Wars - Ahsoka Tano Pin

Pin – Ahsoka Tano

First up, the Ahsoka Tano pin. I know the Ahsoka candle comes with a pin, but I wasn’t entirely sure if they were the same. Without seeing them in person, maybe one was smaller? Plus, I didn’t want to take the pin away from the candle as I’m pretty sure my candle is destined to be decorative, rather than used. But now that I can put them side by side – yes they are the same pin.

The enamel pin depicts Ahsoka Tano as seen in The Mandalorian – her grey outfit with twin white bladed lightsabers. Each of the Short Story x Star Wars pins has glow-in-the-dark elements – in this case, Ahsoka’s blue montral sections, her eyes, and lightsaber blades glow in the dark. The glow feature isn’t a big deal for me for any wearable item – I did notice that the lightsaber blades don’t look especially white because of the glow-in-the-dark material used. This colour difference is especially noticeable with the Stormtrooper pin in the collection, which looks very cream-coloured in person, bordering on yellow. But anyway, I had the get the Ahsoka pin, and I’m glad I did – she is very cute in person.

Short Story x Star Wars - Ahsoka Tano Candle

Candle – Ahsoka Tano

This candle smells amazing! Of course I bought the candle for the theming rather than the scent, but it’s always helpful when you enjoy the scent as well. I am not one of those fragrance experts who can tell if they like a scent based on the notes described, but then again I haven’t ever really found a candle I didn’t like. Anyway, here are the candle notes –

NOTES: Top: apricot, freesia – Middle: peony, magnolia, lily of the valley – Base: musk

Each decorative element represents three attributes inspired by the theme character – in this case, Ahsoka Tano –

Lazurite: honor, power, vision
Amazonite: truth, harmony, peace
Crystal Pillar: transcendence, faith, perfection

I love everything about this candle – the box, the scent, the decorative stones, the jar, the glitter, and of course the pin. The candle is a decent size – the box notes this candle has approximately 40 hours burn time, which is pretty decent, if you actually plan to light it. The box also has amazing artwork, accented with glow-in-the-dark elements. Honestly, I’m still considering getting a second one to use.

Short Story x Star Wars - Necklaces

Necklaces – Sith and Princess Leia

Honestly the necklaces were some of the best items in the collection – especially the Princess Leia design! If I could only get one item from the collection, it would be this one. I’m so glad I grabbed one, because it sold out very quickly – but it has finally been restocked! This is a limited edition collection, but a few of the items are specifically noted as limited edition – the oil diffuser, Grogu hover pram pin, and Grogu candle. The Leia necklace wasn’t listed as limited edition, but it was the only Leia-themed item in the first collection, so it definitely stood out to me as a must have item.

The Princess Leia necklace has an ‘ancient coin’ style, like a Roman coin or pirate treasure. Star Wars is ‘a long time ago’ after all! It is a style that isn’t used very often for Star Wars jewelry. To be honest, I’m kinda kicking myself for not buying a couple so I can wear one all the time and keep one safe as a collectable – now that it has restocked, it’s definitely on my shopping list!

I used to always say that I preferred silver-tone jewelry, but I’m finding myself really enjoying classic yellow gold-tone jewelry a lot these days. Coin necklaces are very popular, and the style really suits a yellow gold-tone finish – like a real gold coin used as currency, with the side portrait of a leader/ruler on it. As a prominent leader in the Rebel Alliance, I like to think this coin might have been some secret token to show you were with the Rebellion, or some underground currency for Rebel sympathisers.

I absolutely love the Sith pendant necklace as well. The design is the epitome of a subtle Star Wars aesthetic. The circular pendant has engraved radiating lines, with a very small Dark Side symbol in the center, with the Death Star as the central circle of the symbol. There are also two very small Star Wars vehicles – the Millennium Falcon above, and a TIE Fighter below. On the back, the pendant is smooth and flat, with the phrase The Force Is Strong With This One engraved on the back, as said by Darth Vader in A New Hope.

From any reasonable distance, this pendant design reads as abstract, you can’t identify the details as Star Wars until up close. A great option for subtle everyday wear for those who love to rock Dark Side looks, but don’t want something obvious like a big Darth Vader pendant.

Earrings – Ahsoka Tano and Millennium Falcon/Death Star

It’s not surprising that I want all of the earrings in this collection, but two designs obviously were on my shopping list – the Ahsoka Tano stud earrings and Millennium Falcon/Death Star stud earrings.

These unique pieces of Star Wars jewellery are one of a kind and are 14K gold / rhodium plated. All earrings are nickel free, hypoallergenic and made with 925 sterling silver / titanium posts so they are great for anyone with sensitive ears.

I absolutely love the unique packaging Short Story have used for their Star Wars earrings – the cardboard backing cards are housed inside tiny glass jars with cork stoppers! Even the glass jars feature the Short Story x Star Wars gold branding and design – while I’m often on the fence about how much of my Star Wars packaging to keep or discard, these little glass jars are definitely too cute to throw away!

Most of the earrings in the range are mixed – that is, each earring set is made up of two different studs. The Ahsoka earrings are one of only two stud earring sets in the range that features matching earrings. The Ahsoka Tano earrings are gold plated, with colourful enamel accents for her face and montrals. These are small studs, measuring approximately 1.1cm high x 0.65cm wide. Small, but very cute. As I have two piercings in each earlobe, I’m always on the lookout for small studs to wear beside dangle earrings – and these fit the bill perfectly. The detail is great, even up close.

Lastly, the Millennium Falcon/Death Star stud earrings. I am always keen to add to my little collection of Millennium Falcon jewelry. It will always have special meaning for me as part of the inspiration for my blog name and logo. Anyway, these small cut-out designs are just amazing in person! The detail is great, even right up close. This pair is available in yellow gold plating or silver-tone rhodium plating – I chose the silver-tone pair, as I felt that matched both the Millennium Falcon and Death Star well. Beautiful classic designs, and like the small Ahsoka Tano studs, I can wear these next to other earrings as well.

Short Story x Star Wars - Falcon + Death Star Earrings

So all up cost-wise, my order of six items with shipping to New Zealand cost the same as one RockLove Kyber crystal necklace shipped to New Zealand. I know RockLove jewelry is made from solid silver which contributes to the higher prices, whereas the Short Story jewelry is 14k gold or rhodium plated and smaller, but sometimes it’s just fun to have a few new pieces with a variety of designs. I love collecting Star Wars jewelry from as many different brands as I can, so I was so happy I could get my favourite designs from this range.

I absolutely love my little haul from the Short Story x Star Wars range. I had so much fun checking out all the items in my mail call video, the packaging is so well done. This collection has been stocked at a few local stores as well, so I get the feeling it won’t be very long until I pick up one or two more items… or will I just end up collecting the whole range?! Time will tell.

May the Force be with you!

Short Story x Star Wars - Postcard