Review – Her Universe charm bracelet

In 2011 Her Universe released one of their first Star Wars jewelry items – a charm bracelet. The bracelet features a charm with a cut-out of Her Universe’s Ahsoka inspired design. The other charms in the range were available separately, and over the years there have been more added to the collection. I have done my best to keep up with the releases and exclusives, my own collection includes all the available charms, with the exception of the Boba Fett one. While the bracelet itself is no longer available from Her Universe, two of the charms are still available – Rebel Alliance and Imperial logo. The other charms were Naboo logo, Jedi Order, Boba Fett, japor snipet and 3d R2-D2 (Naboo holds a special significance for me, so I bought two). The R2-D2 charm was limited to only 500, I was very glad to be able to add him to my set.

Her Universe - charms and bracelet Her Universe - bracelet

Each charm came in a little zip lock bag with a small ring for attachment, inside a little satin drawstring bag with the Star Wars and Her Universe logos printed on the front. To ensure the charms don’t detach while wearing, Her Universe recommends having them attached to the bracelet by a jeweller, something I haven’t yet done. They have been stored carefully away since purchase, and when I pulled them out to photograph, a couple of the charms (notably the japor snipet) have tarnished a little. I am hoping my local jeweller can clean them for me also. The circular charms measure approximately 1.3cm wide, the japor snippet and R2-D2 each a little larger at 1.9cm tall. They are all sterling silver plated, lovely and shiny in person. The bracelet itself is adjustable, closing with a lobster clasp. I really do need to finally get the charms all professionally attached so I can wear this lovely piece of Star Wars jewelry.

Her Universe - Rebel Alliance logo charm Her Universe - Imperial logo charm

Her Universe - Naboo logo charm Her Universe - Naboo logo charm

Her Universe - Jedi Order logo charm Her Universe - Japor Snipet charm

Her Universe - limited edition 3D R2-D2 charm Her Universe - limited edition 3D R2-D2 charm