Review – Malaika Raiss Naboo Fighter Necklace

Today’s review is part of a new series where I take a look at Star Wars fashion items from my own collection that ‘bring me joy’. In this time of such uncertainty, my family and I are holding on to our love of Star Wars to stay positive while we… View Post

Padme’ Amidala Inspired Scarf by Prophecy Girl

Check out the awesome new Padme’ Amidala inspired scarf design by Prophecy Girl! The infinity scarf features an all-over repeating print of Padme’ Amidala themed imagery, including her classic Queen Amidala makeup, the lake retreat on Naboo, her japor snipet necklace, and Theed Palace. Seriously, it is so gorgeous! A… View Post

Interview with Fashions For Fans

Today’s Mos Eisley Marketplace article features Star Wars fan and apparel designer Kristen, from Fashions For Fans. Her range of print-on-demand apparel and accessories include a great variety of Star Wars inspired designs, including Padme’ Amidala! Her fabulous range is available from several print-on-demand companies – the styles available include… View Post

Her Universe Naboo Skirt and Cardigan Out Now

The long awaited Naboo themed mini collection from Her Universe is here! First mentioned during the Her Universe Facebook live chat back in January, it is very exciting to see these items finally available. The mini collection includes a long sleeved cardigan, and coordinating skirt. Whether you’re headed to a… View Post

More Her Universe x Star Wars Fashion Previews

Her Universe has shared a fantastic photo of their upcoming Star Wars fashion! The photo shows Ashley Eckstein modeling the new range coming soon to San Diego Comic Con – along with some new designs! At the very left of the photo, we can see the highly anticipated Naboo cardigan… View Post

Upcoming Her Universe designs at Previews World

The distribution website Previews World has 2 new Her Universe items listed on their website! The first new item made me shriek out loud – a Naboo themed hoodie! Yes! I am so excited to see the first of the Naboo collection Ashley Eckstein mentioned during a recent livestream event.… View Post

Prequel Appreciation Day!

It’s Prequel Appreciation Day! Created by the Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Society (SWPAC), the annual day of celebration takes place this year on May 20th. The prequels have always been close to my heart – in 2006 my husband proposed to me at Villa Balbianello, the Episode II filming location in Italy where Anakin… View Post

Queen Amidala-inspired Fashion

Queen Amidala is synonymous with fashion and make-up, so it really surprises me that she is very rarely used in women’s Star Wars fashion or accessories anymore. As a huge Queen Amidala fan and collector, I have been seeking out related items for my collection for many years – but… View Post

Review – Her Universe earrings

A few years ago, Her Universe released two styles of Star Wars dangle earrings, with a third pair a little while later. These are great earrings to coordinate with your favourite outfits, and thankfully all three styles are still available! The Imperial logo earrings were released in late 2010, with… View Post