Star Wars Shopping Haul – July 2022

Star Wars Shopping Haul – July 2022

Today’s video is an exciting one – the latest shipment from my US mail box has arrived, full of fabulous Star Wars fashion! As an international fan, I save on shipping by getting purchases sent to a US-based mail box, then it all gets bundled up roughly once a month and delivered in one box.

When the items arrive at my mail box, they get assigned basic descriptions like ‘women’s handbag’ or ‘women’s shirt’, so I lose track of what each item is when it all gets bundled together. Then of course there is the delay between buying the items and actually getting them in hand. Sometimes I forget about something I bought two months ago – though with standard international shipping times at the moment, this courier method actually gets to me faster!

Check out my video below –

I am so happy to finally see these wonderful pieces in person! Sometimes there can be quite a delay from when these items came out, to when I finally get them in hand… but the wait was definitely worth it for this month’s bundle!

I’ll get stuck into full individual reviews with photos and videos soon, but it was really fun to film my first impressions to seeing all these items in person. I think I even forgot to notice that the first item was a scarf, I was so distracted by the lovely Naboo symbol embroidery! What was your favourite item from my shopping haul? Is there anything here that you also bought and love?

May the Force be with you!

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