New Bromance Cardigan by Elhoffer Design

A new version of the popular Galactic Bromance cardigan is now available from Elhoffer Design. Inspired by the jacket worn by Poe Dameron and Finn in The Force Awakens, the Galactic Bromance cardigan is perfect for a stylish and subtle Star Wars inspired outfit – it looks so comfy! Button… View Post

Elhoffer Design R2-D2 Inspired Cardigan

This cute R2-D2 inspired cardigan is now in stock at Elhoffer Design! The button front cropped cardigan is inspired by the original astromech droid, R2-D2, with a grey and blue design. I love the little touch of the red button at the top, in reference to R2-D2’s eye! Button Front… View Post

Elhoffer Design Amidala Galactic Picnic Top!

Padme’ Amidala fans rejoice! Elhoffer Design is releasing a new Galactic Picnic top! Featuring a similar design to their original Galactic Picnic cardigan, this new shell top features a flora design inspired by Padme’ Amidala’s picnic gown from Attack Of The Clones. Senators need breaks too! You can set off… View Post

Queen Amidala Cardigan by Elhoffer Design

Check out the latest stunning Queen Amidala inspired cardigan from Elhoffer Design! The Galactic Appeal dolman cardigan is inspired by the outfit Queen Amidala wears when pleading to the Galactic Senate in The Phantom Menace.  Two Sizes: XS-L, XL-3X – Both will fit anyone, but if you want it slouchier… View Post

Galactic Decoy Cardigan by Elhoffer Design

This fantastic new Star Wars Sabe’ inspired Galactic Decoy cardigan is available for pre-order from Elhoffer Design. This longline cardigan is inspired by Sabe’s ‘Queen Amidala Decoy’ battle outfit from The Phantom Menace. The cardigan features flared bell sleeves, pockets, and an oversized hood. For more amazing prequel-inspired fashion, check… View Post

Gorgeous Elhoffer Design Galactic Queen Cape!

This stunning Queen Amidala inspired cape is now available for pre-order from Elhoffer Design! Fans may remember that this design concept was originally previewed back in January last year, as part of a knitwear collection inspired by Padme’ Amidala. I am so happy to see it finally make it into… View Post

Elhoffer Design Padme’ Inspired Top & Cape

Get ready to celebrate – Elhoffer Design has just released a new mini-collection of Padme’ Amidala inspired apparel! Following on from her amazing Padme’ knitwear collection last year, the new range is inspired by Padme’s white battle outfit that she wears on Tatooine and Geonosis in Attack Of The Clones.… View Post

Interview with Musterbrand

Today’s Star Wars fashion behind-the-scenes interview article features a conversation with Musterbrand founder and CEO, Knut Bergel. Musterbrand’s Star Wars range clearly shows their passion for wearable, durable, and stylish apparel, that mixes real world design with Star Wars inspiration. They are definitely a brand to watch, and support, they… View Post

Women’s TIE Fighter Cardigan at EMP Online

This women’s Star Wars TIE Fighter cardigan is now available at EMP Online. Made from 100% polyacrylic, the knitted cardigan features a black and white design including classic Galactic Empire elements – TIE Fighters, Stormtrooper helmets, AT-AT vehicles, and the Death Star. The cardigan has a loose fit with long sleeves… View Post

Women’s Musterbrand Jedi Robe Sweater

This women’s Musterbrand x Star Wars Jedi Robe sweater is now available at Shop Disney. Made from 68% viscose / 29% polyacrylic / 3% elastane, the cardigan sweater is inspired by Jedi robes. With a long draped design, the light brown sweater features pale stripes down the front (which resemble jedi… View Post