Upcoming Her Universe designs at Previews World

Her Universe x Star Wars items coming soon

The distribution website Previews World has 2 new Her Universe items listed on their website! The first new item made me shriek out loud – a Naboo themed hoodie! Yes! I am so excited to see the first of the Naboo collection Ashley Eckstein mentioned during a recent livestream event. The second item is a ‘Visit Tatooine’ tank top, with artwork of various scenes from A New Hope.

Previews World is part of Diamond Comic Distributors, who supply stock to comic book stores. The Tatooine tank top is listed as ‘In Shops: Dec 07, 2016’, while the Naboo hoodie is listed as ‘In Shops: Jan 04, 2017’ – though if I understand the store ordering process correctly, these items ship out a few months later? Anyway, hopefully we’ll be seeing these products available from stockists soon!

PREVIEWS is a monthly catalog that gathers together listings of all of the upcoming comic titles and related products from your favorite publishers and vendors in one convenient place. The most important aspect of PREVIEWS to remember is that items solicited in the catalog are anticipated to ship out two to three months later (or more). When you’ve picked out all of the items you want, you can fill out the short order form included in your copy of PREVIEWS and submit it to your local comic shop.

View the Her Universe items at Previews World – please note these are not currently available for purchase.

Her Universe x Star Wars Naboo hoodie by Her Universe Her Universe x Star Wars Visit Tatooine tank top by Her Universe

Photos sourced from and belong to Previews World.