Her Universe joins the Hot Topic family!

Her Universe joins the Hot Topic family!

Big news! Her Universe is joining the Hot Topic family of brands! This is a great partnership, and one I hope will really benefit the fans. Hot Topic has always been a great stockist of women’s Star Wars fashion, so it’s exciting to see their relationship with Her Universe continue to grow.

Main points from the press release, for fans of women’s Star Wars fashion –

  • Her Universe will continue to be a standalone brand
  • The Her Universe Fashion Show will continue
  • More plus sizes
  • Offering designs in Europe
  • More active wear and more fashion categories

I am most excited to see more fashion categories, but the mention of Europe is a little confusing – why not international? At least this is a small step forward, and I really hope this is just the beginning of Her Universe expanding their license territory. I would love to see more of the Her Universe x Star Wars range stocked at Hot Topic, as they can ship internationally – I can’t wait to see what this new partnership will bring!

*Update* Ashley Eckstein hosted a live video Q&A on Facebook, where she gave a few teasers about upcoming projects!

  • Her Universe is working on Star Wars active wear, it took a while as it requires a specific license category.
  • Teased another collection at Kohl’s next summer, but didn’t specify if it was Star Wars themed.
  • Working on a work wear Star Trek collection for Thinkgeek, which includes a blazer – I would love to see a women’s Star Wars blazer!
  • Her Universe will keep the same design team, but joining forces with the Hot Topic design team.
  • Naboo collection coming next spring/summer, including a Naboo dress! 😀
  • Unfortunately, it was frustrating to see Ashley avoid multiple questions about international shipping 🙁

Read the full press release –

Her Universe press release

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