Fashion in Star Wars Insider magazine

'Fashion of the Force' article in issue #151 of Star Wars Insider magazine

The August/September issue of Star Wars Insider magazine had a couple of articles with a focus on female Star Wars fans. “Fashion of the Force” talks about Star Wars fashion, from runways at Fashion Week, to fan girl favourites Her Universe and Black Milk Clothing. The article’s author Lisa Granshaw talks about that common problem of finding Star Wars fashion that’s more than just t-shirts. Considering the on-going cultural impact the films have had on society, it was inevitable that fashion would include references and homages to the much loved films. Fashion designers often create collections based on experiences, strong themes and influences, it makes sense that thirty years on from the original trilogy we see these influences filter beyond the usual markets of merchandising. Preen, Rodarte and Triton are excellent examples of this, and I hope to see more Star Wars collections walk the runways.

Star Wars merchandise for women is nothing new, but unfortunately lacking in volume to compared to men’s options. In 1977, before Kenner had their action figures on store shelves, Weingeroff Ent. was selling licensed Star Wars jewelry for women. There is a long held idea that Star Wars only appeals to males, even though Star Wars merchandise has been available for female fans from the very beginning. It seems that misconception is being finally being corrected, and more companies are offering their Star Wars products in women’s styles. Dresses, swimsuits, leggings, earrings, skirts and more, the list of options around today for female Star Wars fans is bigger than ever, and growing. With more options, women can show off their love of Star Wars proudly and fashionably.

In doing my own research, following links, and random searches I am surprised by how much female Star Wars fashion I find. With the help of resources like the Star Wars Collectors Archive (and this excellent book) I have been expanding my own awareness of vintage Star Wars fashion and accessories, and tracking them down. From the usual items like necklaces and rings, to knitted leg warmers from Return of the Jedi! With the huge expansion of modern Star Wars merchandise and on-line retailers, the trick is knowing what’s out there and where to find it. That’s part of why I started this website, for my own records and to hopefully help other female fans looking for more Star Wars fashion. Wondering if I would find enough to write a blog post once a week, I quickly found enough to post once/twice a day! It would seem the market is expanding at an amazing rate, and with the new film just under a year away now, I don’t see it slowing down. I just hope I can keep up with adding my favourite pieces to my wardrobe to wear with pride – I can’t wait to what new Star Wars fashion we’ll see in 2015!

Check out the full ‘Fashion of the Force’ article in issue #151 of Star Wars Insider magazine (pages 40-43) – available via back order here

Star Wars Inside magazine: Fashion of the Force

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