Review – Loungefly SDCC Vader

For San Diego Comic Con 2015, Loungefly released two exclusive Star Wars coin purses. The first was a glitter version of the standard black Darth Vader coin purse (reviewed here), the second was a pink version of the white Stormtrooper coin purse that is coming soon (as seen in earlier preview photos). Limited to 600 of each, the coin purses came with their own special black box, noting their edition size. The coin purses were priced at US$35 each, sold direct from Loungefly’s booth at the convention. I reviewed the pink Stormtrooper coin purse earlier – now it’s time to take a closer look at the glitter Darth Vader coin purse.

Loungefly - SDCC exclusive Star Wars coin purses Loungefly - SDCC exclusive Star Wars coin purses

Loungefly - SDCC exclusive Darth Vader coin purse Loungefly - SDCC exclusive Darth Vader coin purse

I was really excited to see both the Stormtrooper and Darth Vader variations – the rainbow glitter on Darth Vader is a fun idea. I thought the black base might diminish the glitter affect, but it serves as a great contrasting backdrop. The glitter is blended into the silicone, rather than applied to the surface. The top layer is translucent, so there’s a depth to the glitter layer that is very pretty. This coin purse is made from a flexible 3D moulded silicone.The visage of this Sith Lord is undeniably a Star Wars icon, and the glitter is a playful variation for a fashion accessory. It uses the same sculpt as the regular black coin purse (and enlarged for the Vader crossbody bag), meaning it has an identical level of detail accuracy to these related items.

The coin purse measures approximately 13cm high, 12.5cm across and 7cm deep at the widest points. The internal capacity is roomy enough to hold credit cards, cash and even a few small items like lipstick and car keys – I can even fit my compact digital camera! The coin purse features a black zip with all-black hardware – the zipper pull features the Loungefly logo. The wrist strap is attached with a clip, so it can be removed if you wish. The strap comes packaged folded up inside the bag, but loosens out nicely. Inside the coin purse is lined with the black Star Wars logo fabric used throughout the Loungefly X Star Wars collection. I wasn’t expecting to see the logo lining here, as my regular black version is lined in plain black fabric, and the pink stormtrooper coin purse is lined in plain pink fabric. Inside there is a pocket on one side, underneath an embroidered black and silver Star Wars logo patch. The back features a slightly raised Star Wars logo.

Loungefly - glitter Darth Vader coin purse (front) Loungefly - glitter Darth Vader coin purse (back) Loungefly - glitter Darth Vader coin purse (interior/detail)

Loungefly - glitter Darth Vader coin purse (side) Loungefly - glitter Darth Vader coin purse (front/detail) Loungefly - glitter Darth Vader coin purse (back/detail)

If you missed out on this great item at the convention, then I suggest looking around on eBay (pricing and shipping options will vary with sellers). The standard black version of the Darth Vader coin purse is currently available at There you can also check out their full range of Star Wars handbags and wallets, which includes the two other items seen in my comparison photos below (the standard black Darth Vader coin purse and the Darth Vader crossbody bag).

Loungefly - comparison of coin purses (glitter vs black) Loungefly - size comparison of coin purse and crossbody bag

Disclaimer: this item was supplied by Loungefly for review purposes. The Kessel Runway stands by the position that this, and all of our reviews, are an honest analysis and opinion regardless of whether the merchandise was purchased or supplied by a manufacturer/retailer.