SWCO Women’s Fashion Panel – Part 9

SWCO Women’s Fashion Panel – Part 9

For fans who were not able to attend my Celebration Orlando panel in person, I have been posting the full slideshow and transcript online. Today’s post is part 9 of a 9 part series – stay tuned for a full video of my panel next week.

You can read the previous panel topic segments here.

Part 9: My personal favorite notable fashion items

My favorite Star Wars fashion items

To finish up this panel, here are 6 of my favourite Star Wars fashion items. It was really hard to narrow my choices down to just 6, but these particular items stand out to me because they have personal meaning to me, beyond their price tag or rarity.

Lapponia Princess Leia bracelet (1977)

A few years ago I was lucky enough to get the Lapponia ‘Darina’s’ silver bracelet as worn by Princess Leia in the Yavin medal ceremony in A New Hope. I have always wanted this as part of a costume, but it is a perfect item for a subtle Star Wars touch to any outfit. My bracelet is an original vintage item, it is stamped 1977.

Due to popularity, you can once again buy this bracelet and the ceremonial necklace direct from Lapponia, though this generally costs a little more than finding a vintage piece. It is particularly special and exciting when you are able to find a screen accurate item that can double as a piece of every day jewelry.

Weingeroff X-Wing necklace

I own quite a few Star Wars necklaces but the original Weingeroff X-Wing necklace from 1977 is still one of my favorites. The angle and sculpt are just fantastic it captures all the details. I find myself wearing this all the time, often paired with my dangling TIE fighter earrings by Body Vibe for a Death Star scene.

Zazzle Clone Wars Padme t-shirt

I absolutely love the original micro series’ Clone Wars cartoon, and I’m so lucky to have gotten a t-shirt from that. At that time, the print on demand company Zazzle had the Star Wars license and had a full gallery of promo images that were available to print on t-shirts. As a huge Padme’ fan and as a ‘Snowbunny’ Padme’ costumer, I am so glad that I grabbed this Padme’ t-shirt at the time I did, as the range was pulled shortly afterwards. I really wish another company would use at work from that series, I would have loved to have seen more used.

Her Universe Naboo symbol earrings

As I mentioned earlier I have a huge soft spot for the Naboo symbol, so these earrings by Her Universe are a personal favorite. I was so scared about losing them I bought two pairs – one to wear and one to keep. I would love to see these available again, along with a full matching range like a charm bracelet, a ring or necklace. Companies need to make more with the Naboo symbol on it.

Irregular Choice R2-D2 heels

The Irregular Choice Star Wars collection blew my mind at Celebration Anaheim, and it was really hard narrowing down my shopping list from the collection. One particular pair that stood out to me are the R2-D2 heels. The fantastic sculpted heal is combined with soft floral print soft blue suede and topped off with a blue velvet bow. It is so unlike any other Star Wars footwear that had come before and was the perfect blend of Star Wars and feminine.

It was no surprise that this was the most popular style from the first collection, with the Irregular Choice website selling out of this style in the first 15 minutes of the launch. It was the first style I bought from that collection and it is still my favorite. They are everything I look for in shoes – a high heel that’s pretty, and best of all they are Star Wars.

Preen by Thornton Bregazzi x Star Wars Darth Vader shirt

Last but not least this item is one that started it all. The Preen by Thornton Bregazzi x Star Wars collection launched just as I was starting up my fashion website behind the scenes. It was so exciting when I realized that I could own a piece from this collection – but due to the price-tag, I had a decision to make. I could afford to get the shirts that I wanted most, if I sold off some other non-Star Wars clothes (so that’s what I did).

This was the decision that really sparked off my journey with The Kessel Runway. I made the decision to refine my wardrobe to Star Wars fashion, to truly reflect who I am and my passion. This Darth Vader silk long-sleeved shirt is a classic example of that collection, and really signifies where Star Wars fashion has come in recent years – from home-made t-shirts to London fashion week.

Stay tuned for a video of my full panel next week.