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Body Vibe x Star Wars necklaces

Today’s behind-the-scenes interview article features a conversation with the head designer for the Body Vibe x Star Wars jewelry range, Rob Booth. Ever since the launch of their Star Wars jewelry range, Body Vibe has been one of my favourite all-time Star Wars fashion brands. Many of my go-to Star Wars accessories are made by Body Vibe – their TIE Fighter dangle earrings are the single most-worn jewelry item I own!

SalesOne LLC, headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut, has been a leading body jewelry and stainless steel jewelry company for over 14 years. It’s two most identifiable brands are Body Vibe and INOX Jewelry. In addition to its own labels, SalesOne distributes licensed jewelry from Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Hasbro, and more.

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Body Vibe Star Wars jewelry

I recently had the incredible opportunity to ask head designer Rob Booth a few questions about Body Vibe/SalesOne, how their range of Star Wars jewelry has diversified since launch, and how they design jewelry with customers in mind. Read on for the full interview – and some very exciting hints about upcoming Star Wars jewelry!

How did the Body Vibe x Star Wars jewelry line come about?

When Disney bought Lucas Films we saw this as a great business opportunity for us. We have had the license for about 5 years now. It started out as only a men’s Stainless Steel line and has expanded into a women’s specialty line, fine jewelry and women’s mass line over the last 3 years.

Body Vibe x Star Wars Jedi Order Symbol CZ Necklace Women's Body Vibe x Star Wars Symbols Cuff Bracelet available at ThinkGeek

Do you have many Star Wars fans among your staff?

Yes we have 3 hard core fans on our staff and many other casual fans.

How did you decide which Star Wars characters/icons to feature in your designs?

We try to focus on characters and ideas that the female consumer can easily relate to, such as Princess Leia, R2-D2 and BB-8 because they are cute and funny, the Millennium Falcon has become a symbol for Rey since it was passed down to her. The solar orbit (necklace) stemmed from the popularity of solar orbit jewelry and everyone’s fascination with the planets of our own solar system.

ThinkGeek exclusive Star Wars Galactic Necklace

What metals/gems are used in the Body Vibe Star Wars jewelry range?

We use stainless steel for our men’s line and for women’s as well. We also use base metal for items that need to come in at a certain price point. We use Swarovski crystals on most of our Star Wars items.

How would you describe the style of the Body Vibe Star Wars collection? What is the philosophy behind the brand?

We try to cater to the specialty customer in the age group of 18-35. We try to create jewelry that can be worn as an every day wear that fits today’s modern trends. We also create jewelry for the hard core fan that may be a little more of a statement piece as well.

Body Vibe x Star Wars necklaces

What makes the Body Vibe jewelry stand out among other Star Wars jewelry collections available?

We strive to stay on point with the current trends and we also have higher quality demands than our competitors.

Body Vibe x Star Wars symbol dangle earrings Body Vibe x Star Wars stud earrings

How much freedom does Lucasfilm/Disney give you in creating Star Wars jewelry designs?

I have to say that working with Lucasfilm has been an absolute pleasure. They are very open to new ideas and the latest trends.

I am a huge fan of the recently released General Leia Organa replica ring – might we see any other jewelry inspired by costume accessories from the Star Wars films?

For sure! Be on the lookout for Rose’s and her sister’s pendant set, the secret rebel ring and the dice.

Body Vibe x Star Wars General Leia Organa replica ring

Your original Star Wars range was available in Stainless Steel, but recent collections have included Gold, Silver, stones, and crystals – what inspired the decision to expand the line to include other materials?

We saw that the market was trending multi colored metals and wanted to add them into our line. The crystals stemmed from Jyn Erso’s Kyber crystal necklace and the red crystals stemmed from the crystals being used on The Last Jedi marketing and the use of them on the planet Crait in the final battle scene. Crystals were also very popular in the market at the time and still are so it made it a no brainer.

Body Vibe x Star Wars Rey charm bracelet set Star Wars Rey leather cuff bracelet

Can you hint at any future Star Wars jewelry designs? Is there a Solo: A Star Wars Story collection planned?

We have an entire line planned for Solo and we are very excited about one of our exclusive designs (the dice) that will only be made by SalesOne!

Where can fans follow Body Vibe on social media?

For now our our Instagram is @zoidstudioz

Our wholesale site is

Body Vibe Star Wars charms

Many thanks to Rob for his time in answering my questions. It is a honour to be able to highlight a leading Star Wars jewelry brand, and get a glimpse behind the scenes. I am so excited to hear about some of the Body Vibe x Star Wars jewelry designs coming soon – especially the Rose/Paige necklace set! 

Star Wars Rebel Alliance 3 tier necklace by Body Vibe